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--Thanks again to Dave Dameshek for the double segment on his show last night, as we talked about a range of topics from Adam LaRoche to Adolf Hitler. Yes, you could say Dave has a different spin on the typical Pittsburgh sports talk show.
--Howard Stern has to recap his show, and now Dave Dameshek has to dissect his daily musings.
--The Steelers may consider a lawsuit over the incoming casino. That would make for some excellent blog material.
--Richard Seigler was caught running a prostitution ring in Vegas recently. Supposedly, Seigler was a former Steeler...and although he played in two games last year, I have zero recollection of him.
--Jim Tracy tweaks his lineup, and, VOILA! The Pirates score six in a win over the Cubbies.
--Kevan Barlow is officially a Steeler. We can all stop our draft-weekend hysteria of having no depth at the position.
--Mark Cuban responds to Donald Trump tearing him a new one. Apparently Trump doesn't forget The Benefactor, as much of America did. gives us a transcript of Ben's interview with Mark Madden, covering the eBay auction, life in Pittsburgh, and the upcoming season.
--Vote for the Steelers' 2005 Super Bowl run on the NFL Network's "Game of the Week" Poll
--Evgeni Malkin powers Russia past the Czechs in the World Hockey Championships. Yes, the same Evgeni Malkin that was burned out last month.
--Penn State gets honorable mention on ESPN's list of the 10 most underacheiving basketball programs. Wait, Penn State has a basketball team?

--Here's the Don Banks article about Michael Vick's dogfighting that stirred the pot on Thursday

--The Jail Paris Hilton Petition is well over 51,000 signatures. Yes, she sure is beloved.
--Craig Wilson and Mike Gonzalez are happy in Atlanta. Let's ask Adam LaRoche how Pittsburgh is working out.
--The ESPN Ombudswoman confronts the issue of ESPN conflicts of interest. You know, covering sports they own, like their sudden interest in Arena Football...

--The Brewers don't like knee-jerk reactions, so they're not banning beer from their clubhouse. How could they? It's Milwaukee, for cryin' out loud!

--Sally Wiggin interviews the future Mrs. Howard Stern, a Pittsburgh girl who was the Fox Chapel homecoming queen.

--Sporting News ranks the 66 BCS coaches, and Wannstache comes in at #44.

--Police use cellphone tracking to find a transplant patient who was at a jazz festival

--Here's a list of 11 annoying bar people. A sample:

"Dr. Shots":
"When you're at the bar with him you never ask him what he's having because you already know. Shots! Lots of them. For no other reason than you're at Chili's on a work night. "Lets do a shot bro." He'll say. And he'll keep saying It until you leave. You get the impression that this guy is trying to either erase his life from memory or kill himself outright."

--A West Virginia man covered his head with women's underwear and used a cigarette lighter that looked like a pistol while attempting to rob a convenience store. Wild, Wonderful West Virginia! ranks baseball's all-time best liars. Former Bucco Al Martin's tales of football lore crack the list at #6.

--Palestinian kids are being entertained by a Mickey Mouse who promotes jihad.

--Maxim gives us "the most misleading movie titles". XXX is a good start.

--Here's an amusing list of accurate Wikipedia warnings . As you can tell, I'm into lists today.

--Subway pitchman Jared Fogle used to run a porn-rental service from his dorm room? Who knew?

--Meet the next media superhero...Tiki Barbaro

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apk said...

I'm not surprised by Malkin's resurgence, at all. He's probably incredibly relieved that the only thing he has to focus on is "playing hockey," probably the number one thing that he loves in the universe. We need to remember that this is a 20 year old kid that spent the last eight months in a brand new city, with only a few people to talk to without the use of a translator (except GwennJen). Now, he finally gets to go home and play for his national squad in his nation's capitol. Any one of us would find ourselves invigorated with fresh legs if put in the same situation. The local media needs to relax and find some perspective on this one (i don't mean you, Raul).

Adam said...

Well, not suprised we were an (dis)honorable mention for underacheiving bball programs.

We Are.

Anyway, Joe being ranked 18th behind the likes of:

Nick Saban-Has done nothing at Bama yet.

Frank Beamer-Where has VA Tech been in the BCS picture? They've collapsed the past 2 years, and before that, to Pitt!

Steve Spurrier-Puuhhhhhleasee. stop the love fest. SC has also done jack squat since he showed up.

Dennis Erickson-Who? Arizona St.?

Kirk Ferentz-Um? I dont get the infactuation with this guy. Iowa has never been THAT good.

I understand some of the coaches like spurrier and saban are boosted by past accomplishments, but if THAT is how this clown is compiling the list, it should be Bowden 1, Paterno 2. Hes holding accomplishments to a double standard. Stupid.

Also, Rodriguez is waaayyyy to high. 3 is excessive when there are guys with multiple national titles behind him. Plus, hes turned out fine products like Pacman jones and chris henrey. Shouldnt their bad behavior be considered?

And if anyone here thinks urban meyer should be 12, then you are screwed up.

Bill Callahan at 21 is a joke.

Bret Bielama at 39 is boader line insane. Hes one of the best in the big 10.

Weis aka wuss at 42 makes me smile tho.
The stache is about where he should be.

My top 10?

1. Urban Meyer.
2. Pete Carroll
3. Jim Tressel
4. Lloyd Carr
5. Joe Paterno
6. Bobby Bowden
7. Mack Brown
8.Rich Rodriguez
9. Tommy Tuberville
10. Nick Saban

apk said...

wow, i'm an unabashed PSU fan, but Paterno isn't one of the Top 5 coaches in the game (disregarding the question of how one is actually supposed to rank coaches). State's been trending downward since 2000, and it's no one's fault more than Joe's. He's given his son too much input into the offense over the last few years, and they've struggled because of it. It's scary to think where the program would be without Sandusky and Bradley. Plus, the program has become increasingly tainted by off-field problems.

I love PSU football more than just about anything, but I don't have nearly enough blind allegiance to support your claim, adam. Sorry.

Adam said...

a BCS win and New yEars day bowl win the past 2 years is trending downward?

I dont know about you, but these past 2 years have been one hell of a ride, and i'm already counting down the days to FLA INTL. (112 days).

Penn State is one of the favorites in the big 10 this year, and to jump off the JoePa ship now would be a mistake, just ass it was prior to 2005.

Anonymous said...

Jared is a nappy-headed ho.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Anything containing the words "Penn State" is now officially known as "Adam Bait".

Seriously, does he EVER comment on anything else? Does he even watch other sports?