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Worst Case Scenario

Our fears have finally been realized. Today, the Penguins officially declared an impasse with government officials over the stalled arena plan and announced they will agressively explore relocation to a new city.
The Post-Gazette is reporting that this news was delivered to Governor Ed Rendell, Allegheny County Chief Executive Dan Onorato and Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl in a letter today from owners Ron Burkle and Mario Lemieux. According to the article, talks with Kansas City will now become more agressive.
It's the first of potentially many sad days in Pittsburgh. Could you imagine a scenario in which the Penguins win the Stanley Cup and leave town? Because it could happen.


HotDog_Zanzabar said...

I'm not 100% sure they are leaving, I think though that this is their last ditch effort to get the most out of the state/city. Why would they settle when they still have small window of time left to negotiate in Pittsburgh? They are just trying to get the absolute best/greediest deal they can get.

Unknown said...

It's not like they don't deserve the best deal at this point. After Isle of Capri wanted to hand them an arena pay free and Rendell fucked them over on that, i think it is about time they got theirs. Why do i feel like if this was the Flyers in jeopardy of leaving town a deal would have been done a long time ago. If the pens leave at this point it will be the worst thing to happen to the town sports wise since the drug trials.

AJ said...

When this whole arena plan B debacle started a few months ago, one of the buzz words that everyone used to describe these threats from both side was "posturing".

Fast Eddy came out in the media a few days ago and said how great of a TV market Pittsburgh was and that the Pens would never leave that behind. All that was left to do was cross the t's and draw little hearts on the i's.

Now today, the Pens made The Governor of Philadelphia once again look like a douche bag.

This will continue to go back and forth until somebody finally breaks.

save the steagles said...

Louis, where did you read the arrest story?

Russell Lucas said...

Yeah, it's a pity they haven't wrapped this up yet, but I'm still pretty sure this will get done, whether sooner or later.

The slots license appeals aren't really a big issue. The State could front Barden's contributions while the appeals are pending, and the deal would have a contingency built into it if IoC eventually reverses the Gaming Board's grant. Frankly, I think they probably contemplated something like this before.

Also, given that the Pens-- their play, their appeal to young hockey fans here and elsewhere, their road and TV draw-- are one of the few bright spots in the NHL right now, I look for Gary Bettman to pull out all the stops to make sure the league blocks the move if the deal offered by Mob Eddie is even remotely reasonable in comparison to what the market is bearing.

Steve said...

Business as usual in Rendellphia.

He comes out last week and says that things are moving forward. The Pens come out and call an empass. Its a big game of hockey team chicken being played out in the media.

What really sucks is that they'll probably move. An arena will eventually get built in Pittsburgh anyway. They'll stick an expansion team in there and the fans will be stuck watching a garbage team while the real Pens with all the talent are winning in another city.

Now that is the worst case scenario.

Dirty Sanchez said...

I'm still optimistic that this will get done, but at some point you've got to say: a) we can beat the KC offer, or b) we can't beat it and the ball is in the Penguins court.

Burkle and Mario might have to leave a buck or two on the table (as if they're not making a killing on their original investment already) and the politicos will have to risk the backlash from the 'Burgh senior citizens if they are seen as being too generous to millionaire owners.

But at the end of the day, a new arena will be built. Whether it has the Penguins or an AHL franchise as a major tenant, Mellon Arena will be replaced. The NHL will contract franchises if anything, so there won't be an expansion team coming to Pittsburgh. Of course, without an NHL franchise to pay rent and make annual payments it will cost alot more to build this future arena, but the blue hairs and Bob Smizik don't want to hear that.