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Steelers Staying Busy in Offseason

They're not quite as active as the Denver Broncos, but the Steelers have been moderately busy the last few days.

First, the Trib is reporting that Steeler DB Deshea Townsend and practice-squadder Raymond Burgess were arrested at 1:45 AM Friday following an altercation at Margarita Mama's in Station Square.

Burgess and Graham began fighting and Townsend jumped into the fray, said police spokeswoman Diane Richard.

"Mr. Burgess threw punches, hitting Mr. Graham in the face," Richard said. "As he was beating Mr. Graham, Mr. Townsend jumped in and started hitting the victim with a closed fist in the head and face."

Second, in a completely unrelated story, let's check in some other Steelers' offseason workout programs, at the workout capital of the world, Las Vegas:

Finally, Ben warms up his right arm for the 2007 campaign by waving to the crowd at the ESPN: The Weekend Disney World Parade.

Welcome to the NFL, Mike Tomlin.


"At a time when the old media loves to criticize the new media for getting stuff wrong and/or making sh-t up, a member of the old media pulled a decidedly new media trick by revising one of its stories to remove a glaring error that appeared in a prior version.

Earlier on Monday, the Tribune-Review reported that Steelers cornerback Deshea Townsend and practice squad player Raymond Burgess were arrested over the weekend.

But we later learned that Burgess is not, and never has been, a member of the team. Instead, he's a bartender at the club where the fight occurred."

And, apparently, we're right. Because the Tribune-Review story has been revised, with no reference to the fact that it ever said that Burgess played for the Steelers.
Nicely done.

Hard to believe that the same paper that told us Russ Grimm was hired as head coach could make such a mistake.

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Dirty Sanchez said...

I don't mind players being playas. But considering how bad/inconsistent Ben was last year, it would be nice to see a pic or two of him throwing a football or studying the new playbook instead of him with whatever chick he's nailing this week.