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Gloves Stay On, Pens Win

Thursday night meant the much-anticipated debut of new Penguins Georges Laraque and Gary Roberts on the stage of Madison Square Garden. While their play did not tremendously affect the outcome, they've at least proven their worth as good luck charms.
The Pens were able to shake off a nasty streak that's limited them to one goal in their last two games and outlast the Rangers, 4-3, in what else, a shootout. The Pens still haven't found a recipe for even-strength goals going back three games now, but if they manage to light the lamp twice while shorthanded (as they did tonight), that's not anything to complain about.
Marc-Andre Fleury was once again excellent in the shootout, probably because he's had so much practice. His stop on Jaromir was especially sweet. And Mr. Crosby looks like he's finding the knack for shootout game-winners, as he pulled off that feat for the second time this season.
I guess it's newsworthy that Laraque did not get into a fight tonight, but honestly, I don't see him getting into many. I see him in more of a guard-dog role. You know he's there, you know he bites, and you don't want to take a chance if you don't have to. His mere presence will act as a deterrent to a lot of the nonsense we've witnessed all season. But don't worry...eventually, someone will tease the guard dog, and they'll get bit.
Next up is a meeting with the Carolina Hurricanes Friday night at 7, part of the Penguins' March Madness tour of North America (17 games in 31 days). And no, Brooks Orpik nemesis Erik Cole will not be in the Hurricane lineup.

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