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The Dump Truck is Coming Back

Much to the chagrin of John Clayton, the Steelers signed a big back not named T.J. Duckett today. The team decided to keep one of their own, that being Najeh "The Dump Truck" Davenport. Davenport received a $405,000 signing bonus, broken down to a salary of $595,000 this year and $1 million next year. He would have hit the free agent market on Friday.
Najeh ran for 221 yards on 60 carries last season, and added 193 yards on 15 catches. He reached the end zone twice in limited action. The Steelers were obviously impressed with what they saw out of the Truck last season, because there was no shortage of backs available in free agency or the pending draft.
Fans, critics, and bloggers like to point out the fact that Najeh once took a dump in a closet. While that may be true, I think his play will eventually make all of us forget that nasty incident. Especially considering he's replacing a guy named Duce who wore the number 2-2.

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