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Big Ben a Phoenix Sun?

Does our mercurial quarterback have his sights set on a second career as an NBA star?

Sadly, no. Large Benjamin simply took up Steve Nash on an invite to shoot around with the NBA's most exciting team, the Phoenix Suns.

The theme of this week's link submissions should be "The Steelers...Off the Field". First we see Bill and Kaye on the beach, then we're treated to Ben shooting hoops...tomorrow I'm expecting video of Casey Hampton at a wing eating contest.


save the steagles said...

Ben's current facial hair status is just awful. Its not even a goatee, its just growing on the bottom of his chin, no where else! Here's to hoping by training camp the long flowing shag and full beard will be back.

Bob said...

Can Pittsburgh have Steve Nash to distribute the ball to receivers? Sounds fair to me.