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End of the Line for Barnaby, Slippery Rock Sliders, Gay NBA Player, Stuart Scott Angry, CBA Gets Pittsnogled guys are really coming through with some quality link material from the four corners of the globe. That Peyton Manning autograph is quite the motivational tool.
Guy Lafleur's son is selling his case of hockey cards, and he doesn't appreciate your doubts as to the provenance.
The Hanson Brothers have their own website, with the obligatory store containing plenty of cool collectibles like bobbleheads, Chiefs jerseys, and autographed photos. As my father, Felipe Mondesi, can attest to, the autographed photos are well-received gifts for Slapshot fans.
Former Penguin Matthew Barnaby looks to have agitated his final opponent, as his NHL career appears to be over.
Look out, Washington Wild Things. The Slippery Rock Sliders signed the Division III leader in runs scored.
The Indy Colts had a parade to celebrate Peyton Manning winning the big one, and somehow I don't think it quite measured up to a certain Pennsylvania town's parade last year.
Deadspin Super Bowl correspondent A.J. Daulerio has become the hunted, and the hunter is Stuart Scott.
The rumblings are out that former NBA player John Amaechi is gay, and that ESPN Books is releasing his story on February 20. I'm just warning you; this guy will be on more ESPN programs than John Clayton and Sal Paolantonio combined in the next few weeks.
Tyrus Thomas was fined $10,000 for this innocent quote about the NBA Dunk Contest: "I'm just going to go out there, get my check and call it a day."
A great piece on Pittsburgh XPlosion All-Star Kevin Federli...I mean, Kevin Pittsnogle.
GLAAD is asking for an apology from one Paris Hilton.
A funny list of 50 things you'll never hear. Not on the list: "I can't wait for the Pro Bowl this weekend."

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The Duke from Dukes Court said...

I hated Barnaby when he was a Saber.

I remember going to a game at the Civic Arena when he was a Saber. My friend and I had great seats down near the glass. We were screaming at Barnaby, and he literally yelled right back at us throughout the game. He lived to aggitate, even if it mean aggitating the fans.

Of course I LOVED him once he became a Pen. To bad Ivan "The Terrible" refused to play him when he coached here.

Sadly Barnaby is a relic from the "old NHL". I hope he does the right thing and retires.