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Bill and Kaye on the Beach

Courtesy of Sports by Brooks and Deadspin, here's a home video, circa 2000, of Mr. and Mrs. Chin relaxing on the beach. Watch Cowher show incredible restraint as the guy shooting the video basically accuses Bill of adultery right in front of Kaye. Come on Bill, at least give us a fake punch like the one you gave that Jaguar who blocked the field goal on Monday Night Football in 1997. His name was Chris Hudson, for you trivia buffs out there.


tbart213 said...

Man, let the people have a moment on the beach without being on film.

Think about it, coaches get literally weeks off between the draft and camps. So here's a guy and his wife enjoying what little time they have out of the limelight and some idiot has to film them so "they will believe it was really you".


No wonder he made the bad forced redhead joke.

Anonymous said...

And you wonder why he's chosen obscurity in Raleigh over life in PGH.