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The Afternoon Killer

Will Gary Roberts be the Penguins' deadline deal?
Tyler Palko and Luke Getsy were, shall we say, less than impressive at the combine. If they want to be the next Bruce Gradkowski, they're going to have to raise their game.
Joe Montana answers all your questions about...hypertension and blood pressure.
Say it ain't so: is Stephen A. Smith moving to SportsCenter?
From the Captain Obvious Department: Barry Bonds won't cooperate in the Mitchell steroid investigation.
Wow, this guy really hates Jason Whitlock.
Here's a countdown of 10 unfair scapegoats in sports. I propose a list of 10 fair scapegoats.
It's Rats Gone Wild in a KFC-Taco Bell in New York City. Don't worry, they're all at least 18.
If you're a girl in South Pakistan, don't let your father use you in a poker game.
Anyone catch Kirsten Dunst's shoulder check on Tobey Maguire on the Oscars last night, and Maguire's cold stare? Probably not. Good thing there's video of it.


Stoosh said...

In yet another shining example of Steeler fans grossly over-valuing their own, Tim McKyer is ranked about a thousand spots too high on that "Unfair Scapegoats" list.

And Screamin' A. Smith's relocation to Sportscenter gives me yet another reason not to watch.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Mondesi, are you doing the Pirates preview on Deadspin?

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Actually, I thought that list was way better than the biggest Pittsburgh sports villains list or whatever it was called.

The Tim McKyer thing was stupid (I totally forgot who the guy was until I read that... and I'm a HUGE Steeler fan!) but he made up for it by including Rocky on the list.

Adam said...

First off, there are still 9 spots left in fantasy league #1. See below for more info.

Second, wow Wisconsin and Ohio State was great basketball. This whole weekend was pretty good. March Madness is just around the corner.

Pitt is abysmal. Its common knowlege I hate pitt, but i have resect for young and fields. theyre games. but the rest of those clowns dixon trots out there are over rated, and more importantly, chokers. especiially kendall and ramon (gray gets a pass for being hurt). 2-17 from the arc aint gonna get it done against g-town or northwestern. thats a direct reflection of ramon''s play. Kendall is just a moron, look no furthur than those sideburns.

Pitt fans like to think that because they have a lot of decent players, it makes their team better than a team like texas, who has durant as the star. what they don;t get is that for pitt to win, EVERYONE needs to play well. thats a drawback in the tournament in a 1 and done scenario.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Uggghhh... you talk about Pitt fans being obsessed with Penn State failing at football.

But I can set my watch by the fact that when Pitt hits a rough spot, Adam will be the first one there to rub it in.

They're not where they should be, but 25+ wins is NEVER abysmal. Beint one of 6 people that actually cares about Penn State hoops, you should be familiar with the actual definition of abysmal by now.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Also, this just in. Ohio State beat Wisconsin, who beat Pitt. BUT Ohio State got the doors blown off them by Florida, who just lost to LSU recently. Also, OSU is ranked just ahead of UCLA, who got smacked at WVU, who Pitt blew the doors off of in their house, and this week we're 12th in the rankings.

But really, what this all this bullshit equals up to in two weeks is this: Penn State is godawfull at hoops, and the only way you can even enter a college b-ball conversation is to brag on your conference and other teams (like Texas?!) for god's sake!

I mean, I'm a Pirates fan... but it's not like a go on Yankees message boards when the Yankees lose a game to a team the Pirates almost beat.

Adam said...

Hold the phone, just because I am a Penn State basketball fan doesnt mean I don't know what I'm talking about. College sports are my first love, football and basketball. I can spend a whole sat. afternoon watching any team from anywhere.

Now, if you want to make the arguement that OSU isn't very good becuz they got killed by Flrida who got killed by LSU, just remember, you can probably trace any team's losses to a mediocre team like LSU. Everyone loses in colege basketball. The good thing is there is a 65 team tournament to resolve all this squabbling.

I find it funny that you brought Penn State hoopsinto an arguement I didn;t even involve them in to make Pitt look good. Even I know Pitt is in another class than Penn State so don't drag them into this.

When I talked about Texas, what I attempted (and failed in helping u understand) was that they only need one guy to be on fire to win, and his name is durant. Pitt needs 5-6 guys to have good games. To their credit, Pitt has done a great job of that this season, but in a one game tournament style atmosphere, it can be a disadvantage. Sure Pitt's style works during the season, but has yet to prove itself in MArch (except at UCLA).

finally, 25 wins can be abysmal when all of them come agaisnt teams who suck. save syracuse, Pitt has beaten NO ONE.

Dirty Sanchez said...

I guess people feel Whitlock is an Uncle Tom if he dares criticize guys like Pacman Jones or no-talent , jock sniffing hacks like Scoop Jackson.

Tobey Maguire seems like a little bitch. I'm pretty sure Kirsten could kick his ass.

And Gary Roberts?? Good lord, why not just bring back John Leclair?