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Separated at Birth: Ben Roethlisberger's House Edition

Readers think that Big Ben's new place has something in common with other famous houses. After listening to their suggestions, I would have to agree. I think Big Ben's actually filming a horror film in his new place.
Psycho house
The Beetlejuice house

The Addams Family house

The Drink Like a Champion House


Anonymous said...

All Big Ben has to (not) do is:
1) Cut his grass
2) Trim his shrubs
3) Paint his house
4)Repair broken shutters.

He'll have a house that's ready to haunt!

Unknown said...

This is my uncle's house. He is not Big Ben. Just thought i would put it out there.

William Wagner said...

The design of that house is kind of unique. I should probably consider living in that kind of place.

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Dee Son said...

That house on the top is scary!
Where's this place?

I wander how will I react if I went to that mansion.

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Richard H. Black said...

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