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Monday Morning Wrapup

Bingles 27, Raiders 10- The Bengals now have as many wins (8) as players arrested, on the heels of CB Deltha O'Neal's DWI on Saturday. On the Raiders side, Randy Moss was injured in this game, so he now has an official reason to mail it in for the rest of the season. By the way, has anyone checked out Moss's 2006 stats lately? 42 catches, 553 yards, 3 TD. How the mighty have fallen.
Eagles 21, Redskins 19- Line of the Day: T.J. Duckett: 3 carries, 1 yard. Can't wait to see him in the black and gold in 2007.
Ravens 20, Chiefs 10- According to the announcers, the Chiefs hadn't lost a home game in December since 1996. On this day, the Chiefs looked like a team that hadn't won a game since 1996. And it wasn't as close as the score would indicate---the Chiefs' lone TD was a Gruden-esque stat-padder in garbage time.
Falcons 17, Bucs 6- Cadillac, Cadillac, wherefore art thou Cadillac? What has happened to the once-proud Bucs RB? The guy who started his career with 434 yards in his first three games? Today's 20 carry, 48 yard effort was his eighth game of less than 50 yards this season. Offensive lines, my friends. Offensive lines.
Jerious Norwood and Warrick Dunn both left early for the Falcons, and early reports are that Norwood could be lost for the season. So if it wasn't scary enough proposition to trust Michael Vick with a good running game to fall back on, try trusting him without a good running game to fall back on.
Vikings 30, Lions 20- If you're looking for amusement, check out the Lions' rushing stats:
Arlen Harris: 1 carry, 0 yards
Kevin Jones: 9 carries, -3 yards
Team totals: 10 carries, -3 yards
Giants 27, Panthers 13- Chris Weinke throws for 423 yards as Jake Delhomme's replacement, but the Panthers managed just 45 yards on the ground. Backup QB, no running you see where I'm going with this, Steeler fans scouting their next opponent?
Jaguars 44, Colts 17- I love when they discuss Peyton Manning on CBS's set. Boomer Esiason always compares him to Dan Marino, and Marino usually looks like he's ready to punch Esiason in the face. If the building pressure of Manning's lack of a postseason legacy wasn't enough, they were exposed for an absolutely horrendous rush defense by the Flying Del Rios. 375 yards rushing? Did they hire Paul Rhoads in Indy?
Dolphins 21, Patriots 0 - Tom Brady: 12 for 25, 78 yards? Outplayed by Joey Blue Skies? Is this Bizarro NFL Season?
Titans 26, Texans 20- The city of Houston gets Vince Young rubbed in their face as he ends overtime with a 39-yard TD run. I know Tony Romo is a great story (before Sunday night), but has any QB change affected a team more than Vince Young in for Kerry Collins? Not only did he completely revive a franchise and their fans, he's done it in dramatic fashion. And while missing team flights, to boot! Maybe he should pretend he dates Jessica Simpson to get some attention.
Cardinals 27, Seahawks 21- Matt Hasselbeck throws for 243 yards and three touchdowns behind the nourishment of his Mom's Chunky Soup, but the Hawks can't overcome a determined Cardinal team playing for a lame duck coach.
On another note, the Seahawks are still waiting for the arrival of WR Nate Burleson, who they signed to a $49 million contract when one of their executives was drunk. That would be the only plausible explanation for a guy who has 15 catches after 13 games.
Bills 31, Jets 13- Buffalo plays the role of spoiler, forcing Chad Pennington into two interceptions while winning their sixth game. That's as many wins as the defending Super Bowl champs, you Marv Levy-bashers.
Packers 30, 49ers 19- The difference in this one was the two yards rushing from former Steeler Noah Herron. Or not. Brett Favre continues to excel since he arranged for Aaron Rodgers' foot to be broken, thus locking Favre in as the starter at least through 2007. That guy just loves to play football. He's a real warrior.
Chargers 48, Broncos 20- Ladainian Tomlinson sets the single-season touchdown record as the Chargers dismember their division rivals. San Diego got a great game from their defense, which boasts two players who have been busted for steroids (Shawne Merriman and Luis Castillo) and another who was arrested on five felony drug counts. They're like the Bengals in training.
Saints 42, Cowboys 17- A great night of John Madden and Al Michaels on NBC. Late in the first half, Madden proclaims Drew Brees "a football player". As we come out of halftime, Michaels goes on a classic rant about the lingering smoke of the halftime show. And following Reggie Bush's 3rd quarter TD, Michaels spews this gem about the Houston Texans fans: "They must be thinking, what in the hell were we doing passing on this guy?"
Despite the fact that he has small hands and smells like cabbage, the Saints' Karney (Mike) went for three touchdowns in the romp. Drew Brees continued to try and steal the MVP from former teammate Ladainian Tomlinson, throwing for 384 yards and 5 TDs. And Tony Romo...he kinda sucked tonight.

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funny when esiason compares manning to marino.....because boomer won so many super bowls himself.......jackoff