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AFC Contenders as Cookies, Mike & Mike Cartoons, NBA Suspensions, The Yappin Yinzer


The Ex-Burgher asks, "Which Christmas Cookie is YOUR AFC Contender?" I'll give you a preview: the Steelers are Baklava.

Former New Orleans Saint and FSU Seminole QB Adrian McPherson sues the Titans. Why? Their mascot ran him over in the preseason. And to answer your question, no, PacMan Jones was not in the mascot suit when the accident happened.

Mondesi regular Cecil from Cecil sends over this Bengals article from Be sure to check out this part:

"...As if that weren't bad enough, Bengals wideout Chris Henry had been seen vomiting out the side window of Thurman's SUV. Henry, meanwhile, was just two weeks removed from pleading guilty to a gun charge in Florida. In January 2006, while in Orlando, police there say, he stepped from a limo wearing his own black-and-orange Bengals replica jersey and pointed a 9mm Luger into a crowd."

Terrell Owens is fined $35,000 for spitting. So does that mean he has 35,000 less reasons to live?

MLB:'s John Donovan gives us the major leaguers stealing money. That $50 million Gary Matthews Jr. deal still amazes me.


The fines and suspensions are in from the Knicks-Nuggets brawl:

Carmelo, 15 games, as well as a new reputation as a punk

The Knicks, $500,000, which is one week's salary for Larry Brown not to coach them

The Nuggets, $500,000, or a little less in their "Allen Iverson Rainy Day" jar

Mardy Collins, 6 games, and a tryout in the NFL as a safety

Nate Robinson, 10 games, which means he can't alley-oop to himself for a while

Jared Jeffries, 4 games, mostly for being unable to catch Carmelo as he sheepishly backtracked

Nene, 1 game, for thinking he is cool enough to go by one name

Jerome James, 1 game. He won't be able to score his 2.1 points and grab 1 rebound. And all of that output for just $49,090.90 per game! That Isiah, what a GM!

Isiah Thomas, 0 games. How he managed to sneak past the prison guard is beyond me. By all accounts, he instigated it in the first place. I think Isiah thinks he's still a Bad Boy Piston.

The newest round of ESPN Radio's "Off Mikes" cartoons are now online. Can someone PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE answer me one question...who watches these?

RANDOM FUN STUFF: counts down the 9 biggest wusses in rock today

Here's something we all need...the Yappin' Yinzer, a talking Pittsburgh doll


Meadowbrookalum1 said...

Car-marshmello Anthony just lost every ounce of street cred he ever had. It was reported that Jermaine O'Neal sent a text to Carmello Monday morning and demanded that he take out the cornrows because he shamed himself out of thug status.
Anthony threw a limp-wristed punch at the guy's ear, then backpeddled 3/4 of the way down the court, making sure that at least 3 teammates got between him and the onrushing Knicks players, before grabbing someone and pretending to be held back....thus ensuring his legacy as a bitch forever. All of this just when the NBA was getting some respect back to its name. HA! Now all we can do is wait for the floor level spectators to start filing lawsuits!

Anonymous said...

Nothing about Pitt, huh? Come-on, post something so I can amuse myself with fans comments. Now that they've gotten out of breath with how its unfair that Pitt isn't #1, they can take another deep one and complain about how its unfair that they've fallen so far in the polls.Can I have an early ChrisKwanzakkah gift?

Anonymous said...

It's not unfair that they've fallen so far in the polls.

They lost on the road by a lot to a good team. They got what they deserved.

We're not delusional like Penn State fans. The good news is, this is college basketball not football, one loss against a top ten team on the road doesn't kill you.

But then again, Penn State fans have never had a reason to watch college hoops, so they probably don't understand this.

Anonymous said...

It isn't fair to compare Pitt basketball to Penn State because Penn State is in a rural setting with 110,000 people who only care about college football. Pitt doesn't have to compete with a competitive football program for attention on campus. Right Cecil?

Anonymous said...

In order to get any support at all for a hoops program, probably the first thing to do is win. Just a thought for you Penn Staters that want to chime in on Pitt basketballs loss. They'll still be in it at the end.

Anyways, I would buy that yinzer talking doll, but my dad only lives 5 minutes away from me so I don't need it.

Anonymous said...

New topic:

Why can't the Penguins beat teams that aren't in their division?!

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