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MLB Free Agents, College Bowl Projections, Woody Leaves Cold Pizza, Randa Retirement, Nantz Spits?

Your WVU Mountaineers: the new captains of industry
Anyone else catch Jim Nantz hawking a loogie during the Steeler game on Sunday?
An interesting slotting of who will sign the top 50 MLB free agents. Jose Guillen back to the Buccos?
Stuart Mandel projects this year's college bowl games. Pitt vs. Western Michigan in the International Bowl...I can't wait.
Here's a great take on Joe Randa's recent retirement from Bucs Dugout
Monday Night Football felt the need to have Christian Slater in the booth this week
Allegheny County has found Abe Lincoln's bed
The internet search "Katie Couric Legs" gets over 300,000 hits per month. And to think, I work so hard on this site, when I should have been writing about that topic long ago.


Russell Lucas said...

Well, here's the answer to the question, "Who's the last guy to retire a Pirate?"

Anonymous said...

Maybe Pitt can play Akron and have Luke Getsy beat them in a bowl game. That would be a capper to a good season.

Anonymous said...

If Pitt plays in a bowl game on January 7th in Toronto against a MAC team, and a tree falls in the woods with no one around...does either make a sound?

It will be an utter embarrassment if Pitt plays in that game. It's one thing to play in a crap bowl between DEC 26-31 b/c there are so many damn bowl games that no one really notices.

However, the Panthers will have the "spotlight" all to themselves on JAN 7.

Perhaps they'll present the entire team with a scarlet "I" to wear on their letter jackets in the offseason.

Anonymous said...

All is not lost... the Xplosion have signed their #1 draft pick, Kevin Pittsnogle!

Fire up that Hooter Rooter bus and send the kids to the neighbors...

Anonymous said...

With all the popularity of Borat, can they be renamed the Pittsburgh Sexy Time Xplosion?

Bic said...

I assume all of this Pitt bowl talk is contingent upon the fact that we will infact beat UConn because we're not beating WVU or the 'Ville

And even those stupid police on horses in Canada wouldn't let a team who lost their last 5 games into their bowl.