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Jerramy Stevens - Tyler Brayton Video

Via the wonders of the internet
Make sure you watch at the 35-second mark. Our old friend Jerramy Stevens starts everything, yet the Raider is the one who gets caught. Somewhere, Joey Porter is laughing.


Cecil from Cecil Twp. said...

Watched this happen live - great TV.

I had just finished explaining to my girlfriend why I'm still watching a game I don't care about when - WHAM! - right in Jerramy's jublies. Total justification for sticking it out.

I can already see ESPN's new MNF slogan:

"It's only 6 more days until one guys knees another guy right in the nuts. You may need to wear a cup to watch the game on TV."

Good thing it wasn't Joey Porter's pit bull.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I hate to agree with Warren Sapp, but he was right when he said Stephens is a sissy.

The guy ran his mouth before the Super Bowl, packpedalled from it, then dropped about five possible game changing passes.