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John Fedko Hasn't Given Up Hope

During my usual late-night chat with my dad over the state of our respective teams, he told me that WPXI's John Fedko went on a five-minute rant about how the Steelers are still alive. My dad said that Fedko claimed the Steelers could still win the division with a 9-7 record. That would require a team that has played 2-6 ball to finish 7-1 down the stretch against the likes of Baltimore (twice), Cincinnati, New Orleans, and Carolina.

Submitted for your approval: John Fedko's sanity

Why commentators such as Fedko are making such outlandish claims is beyond me. How anyone can look at this team and think it can flick a switch is ridiculous. This isn't Shaq playing harder once the playoffs come around; this is a complete team collapse: offense, defense, special teams, and coaching. Anyone saying the Steelers still have a chance is just hurting their own credibility.
The Monday Night game tonight actually further illustrated the Steelers' sorry plight. I still cannot fathom the fact that they lost to the Raiders. Cannot, cannot, cannot believe it. Honestly, tonight Oakland looked like they don't even belong in the NFL. Their offense hasn't scored a touchdown since Randy Moss reeled in a 32-yarder in the first quarter against Arizona on October 22. That's 11 quarters without an offensive TD, for those of you counting at home. QB Andrew Walter was sacked nine times. His body language screamed of a beaten man. At least he managed not to throw any INTs. Their offensive line is ridiculously bad. Lamont Jordan had just nine carries. If I'd ever seen a hopless team, this was it. Forget talk about the Denver loss ending the season. The Oakland loss was the last nail in the coffin of the 2006 Steelers.

Seperated at Birth: Andrew Walter and Office Space's Ron Livingston

After watching a full half of the Raiders-Seahawks debacle, it was time for some hockey. The Pens took on the Anaheim "Don't Call Us Mighty" Ducks with a 10 PM EST start. For some reason, Mad Mike Therrien chose tonight to give Jocelyn Thibault his first start of the season. He managed to stop 37 shots (Thibault, not Therrien), but had me nervous on more than one occasion, with the Ducks having at least two more potential goals hit the post. But the Pens hung tough and managed to steal a point by taking the Ducks to OT. The highlight of the night had to be Nils Ekman's series of uppercuts on a Duck in front of the net with about 5 minutes left in regulation. Ekman was then tackled by Chris Pronger, who was tackled by Maxime Talbot, who was tackled by yet another Duck. Unfortunately, a questionable tripping call in OT to Noah Welch gave the Ducks one last power play, and Teemu Selanne (he of the golf course in his front yard) ended this one just 21 seconds into the extra frame. Next up is Tampa on Wednesday night. Hopefully Dan Potash didn't tire the guys out too much in California.

Sports aside, the high point of my evening was a 7 PM showing of Borat at the Destinta Theater in scenic Bridgeville, one of the 837 chosen theaters for the first week of release. There was a pretty strong turnout, considering this was a Monday night and we were in Bridgeville. I was actually carded upon buying my tickets, which is amazing considering I'll be 30 next year. And believe it or not, this theater did not have anyone taking your tickets. You could have virtually walked right in and no one would have noticed. But I recommend you pay. Because this movie was worth every penny and then some. No spoilers here, though. I will give you a great read: the "real" Borat and his frustrating story.
The "real" Borat is confused


Anonymous said...

I went and saw Borat after Pitt's humiliating defeat on Saturday. It cheered me up.

I was thinking about going again after the Steelers loss Sunday, but figured it might be overkill.

Anonymous said...

not even a case of beer would cheer one up after the stillers loss. then again, we could all imitate that one fireman...

Bic said...

Fedko has always had on black and gold blinders.

Anonymous said...

Black and gold blinders is one thing, but to say this team is still in contention is like saying the Raiders are still in contention.

Unknown said...

Monde hit the nail on the head. Look at how awful Oakland was last night. How could a Superbowl -winning team lose to a pathetic team like that. You'd almost have to game plan to lose!