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Marvin Harrison's Walkoff, Pujols=Jerk, Don West Swims in Cards, College Hoops Power Rankings, Flying Wii Remotes, Playstation 3 for Baby?

Marvin Harrison walked off the field before the half was over, then he failed to even attempt a tackle on Lito Sheppard. Lebron James was raked over the coals for something similar. Terrell Owens would have been sent to the gas chamber. Can anyone say, "double standard"?
Loyal Mondesi reader A.J. sends over the gayest Tom Brady tribute video ever made. Watch at your own risk.
Albert Pujols, turning into a jerk right in front of our eyes. Barry Bonds would be proud.
If you've never checked out, you're missing out. Be sure to check out former Bucco Bob Walk, featured in the "Worthless Card Collection".
On the topic of baseball cards, the above site has a great article on former Home Shopping crazyman Don West. You know, the guy who tried convincing you at 2 AM to buy that Gem Mint 10 of Derek Jeter? In the article, the author references an occasion when West accidentally knocked a box of 3,200 baseball cards on the floor in the middle of a sales pitch. Always the master of improv, West then "swam" in the cards, as only he could. He explained that he used to swim in piles of cards as a kid. Alas, here is said video of Don West swimming in a pool of overpriced cardboard.

COLLEGE HOOPS:'s Luke Winn gives his college basketball power rankings. Wichita State #3, Butler #4, Gonzaga #6, Marquette #8, Pitt #10. Maybe next week he'll release his real power rankings, as these were obviously a joke.
Tony Parker and Eva Longoria to live happily ever after.
The Nintendo Wii has a major downside: Wii remotes flying from player's hands, crashing TV sets, windows, and pictures of Grandma in the process.
Wondering about how the Michael Richards video affected Seinfeld Season 7 DVD sales? Would you believe they're up 75% over season 6 and 90% over season 5?
A St. Paul radio station had a gag in which they offered a free Playstation 3 in trade for 24 hours custody of your baby. The result? They were overrun with calls.


Megatron said...

That had to be by far the funniest You Tube clip I have ever seen, but was that Don West or was that the one and only Mr. Don Mondesi's House and his collectables?! Just messin' brother. Funny friggin' clip though!

tbart213 said...

I think that Marvin Harrison has earned a little double standard. When a guy continuously attract attention to himself on the plus moments, you should make draw attention to him on the minus moments. When a guy like HArrison deflects even positive attention, he deserves to not have some attention in times like these. Not a double standard, but more of what goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

Every time I see something like the PlayStation nonsense, I think, the Democrats are right. We DON'T pay enough in taxes.