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Strahan Hatin on Plex, Gatlin to Texans, Bobby Bo=HOF?, Frank Beamer's Ballot, Danny Devito Drunk Video

Michael Strahan's comments about Plaxico Burress, Tiki Barber's overall perfectness, Eli Manning's self-destruction, Lavar Leap's season-ending injury, Tom Coughlin's timeliness, Jeremy Shockey's calling out the gotta love the New York Giants.
Steroid cheat Justin Gatlin tries out for the Houston Texans. They'll do anything to make you forget about passing on Reggie Bush.
The Big Lead offers a great look at the Jay Cutler-Jake Plummer-Mike Shanahan-Chris Mortensen soap opera. My highest recommendation.
Tony Romo finally admitted that he never went on a date with Jessica Simpson. But he did go on one with John Madden.
Pitt takes down Robert Morris behind the X-Factor. That's Aaron Gray, in the words of RMU Coach Mark Schmidt.
Where Have You Gone, Andy Van Slyke points out that is trumpeting Bobby Bonilla's inclusion on the Hall of Fame ballot. Good luck with that, Bobby Bo.
Speaking of the HOF, should Mark McGwire be inducted? What do you think this is, the Dan Patrick Show? Or as it now stands, the Dan Patrick Hall of Fame Daily Debate Show?
Frank Beamer's All-American ballot was leaked, and guess who voted for six of his own players?
Video of Danny Devito, wasted, on "The View", bashing George W. (video link)
A sad day for Jay and Silent Bob fans, as Pumpkin Escobar, nee Tracy Morgan, is arrested for a DWI.


Anonymous said...

In Frank Beamer's defense, it's not like he has nothing to do all day Saturday except sit around and watch college football games. So he votes for the players he sees most often. What's he supposed to do? Blame the absurdity of the voting system that asks a coach who really only studies the teams on his schedule plus his own to cast a nationwide vote.

BTW, that's assuming Frank has the time to fill out his own ballot and doesn't drop that chore on the SID. I figure the weekly coach's Top 25 is really an SID poll for the most part. Would you want Wannstedt doing several hours of analysis on a Sunday trying to determine who the top 25 are, or would you rather he spend the time trying to figure out how to give up less than 500 yards a game against UConn?

And BTW Mondesi, there's something wrong with the word verification system here. I have to do it twice to make a post, and I know I'm filling in the field correctly the first time. FYI.

mondesishouse said...

I hate the word verification system. But if we don't use it, the alternative is tons of spam ads for online casinos, discount prescriptions, and get rich quick schemes.

I agree that most coaches don't actually vote for the Top 25, they delegate that job. Of course, that's a convenient excuse for coaches like Jim Tressel. Remember earlier in the year, he voted OSU #1 and Texas #2, then said he voted Texas 1 and OSU 2?
If not, here's the article

Anonymous said...

At least Devito admitted he was hammered.

Unlike Rick Sutcliffe, who actually was talking about George Clooney solving that thing over there.

Meadowbrookalum1 said...

Pumpkin Escobar...thats funny.
Gimme the map, Scott. I SAID GIMME THE MAP SCOTT!!

Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time reading Bill Simmons, Mondesi. You're above that.

He hasn't been relevant since 2003.

Anonymous said...

I like Simmons.

Sure his NBA/Red Sox orgies are very boring, but I just skip over them.

His NFL columns (minus the parts where he verbally felates Brady and his grumpy, sweatshirted master) are great and so are his mailbags.

When he liveblogs stuff, like the drafts, or the NCAA tourney, it's awesome.

PLUS, he did that "Greatest Sports Movies" thing which was good... but it dissappeared before he finished it.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who considers "jerry Maguire" to be a sports movie is someone I cannot take seriously.

Anonymous said...

Frank Beamer couldn't beat Walt Harris, enough said!!

I like Bill Simmons, but if I read his stuff enough I start to get migraines!