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NFL Midseason Awards

Welcome to the official Mondesi's House NFL Midseason musings on the good and bad of the first half of the NFL season. Please feel free to weigh in with your opinions and add anything you feel I missed!
Quarterback Awards:
Best Free Agent or Trade: Drew Brees, New Orleans
Worst Free Agent or Trade: Daunte Culpepper, Miami
honorable mention: Kerry Collins, Tennessee; Aaron Brooks, Oakland
Best performance by a backup: Damon Huard, Kansas City
honorable mention: David Garrard, Jacksonville; Tony Romo, Dallas
Top-rated QB in the NFL after 8 games: Charlie Batch, Pittsburgh (136.8)
Lowest-rated QB in the NFL after 8 games: Brodie Croyle, Kansas City (11.9)
Wishing He Had a Do-Over for 2006: Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh
honorable mention: Carson Palmer, Cincinnati
Feel Sorry for Him: Andrew Walter, Oakland
honorable mention: Roethlisberger; Chris Simms, Tampa Bay; Trent Green, Kansas City
Is He Still Alive?: Jeff Garcia, Philadelphia
honorable mention: Brian Griese, Chicago
The End of the Road: Kurt Warner, Arizona
honorable mention: Brett Favre, Green Bay; Drew Bledsoe, Dallas
Struggling Rookie of the Year: Vince Young, Tennessee

Best Draft Pick Bargain: Bruce Gradkowski, Tampa Bay
Could Be in Another Uniform Soon: Byron Leftwich, Jacksonville
honorable mention: Simms; David Carr, Houston
Running Back Awards:
Best Free Agent or Trade: Chester Taylor, Minnesota
Worst Free Agent or Trade: Edgerrin James, Arizona
NFL Rushing Leader After 8 Games: Tiki Barber, Giants (830 yards)
Wishing He Had a Do-Over for 2006: Shaun Alexander, Seattle
honorable mention: Cadillac Williams, Tampa Bay; Ricky Williams, Toronto; Maurice Clarett, Mahoning Valley Hitmen

Feel Sorry For Him: Lamont Jordan, Oakland
honorable mention: Edgerrin James, Arizona
Is He Still Alive?: Duce Staley, Pittsburgh
honorable mention: TJ Duckett, Washington; JJ Arrington, Arizona
The End of the Road: Stephen Davis, St. Louis
honorable mention: Staley; Mike Alstott, Tampa Bay
Struggling Rookie of the Year: Reggie Bush, New Orleans
honorable mention: Lendale White, Tennessee
Best Draft Pick Bargain: Wali Lundy, Houston
honorable mention: Jerious Norwood, Atlanta; Leon Washington, New York Jets
Wide Receiver Awards:
Best Free Agent or Trade: Javon Walker, Denver

Worst Free Agent or Trade: Nate Burleson, Seattle
honorable mention: Terrell Owens, Dallas; David Givens, Tennessee; Brandon Lloyd, Washington

NFL Receiving Leader After 8 Games: Andre Johnson, Houston: 752 yards on 65 catches

Wishing He Had a Do-Over for 2006: Chad Johnson, Cincinnati
honorable mention: Chris Chambers, Miami

Feel Sorry For Him: Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona
honorable mention: Donte Stallworth, Philadelphia

Is He Still Alive?: Randy Moss, Oakland
honorable mention: Mike Williams, Detroit; Jerry Porter, Oakland; Brandon Stokley, Indianapolis

The End of the Road: Koren Robinson, Green Bay

Struggling Rookie of the Year: Santonio Holmes, Pittsburgh
honorable mention: Sinorice Moss, New York Giants
Best Draft Pick Bargain: Marques Colston, New Orleans
honorable mention: Greg Jennings, Green Bay
Defensive Awards:
Best Free Agent or Trade: Julian Peterson, LB (Seattle)
honorable mention: Ricky Manning, DB (Chicago); Chris Hope, S (Tennessee)

Worst Free Agent or Trade: Adam Archuleta, S, Washington

Wishing He Had a Do-Over for 2006: Shawne Merriman, San Diego
honorable mention: Jevon Kearse, Philadelphia
NFL Sack Leader After 8 Games: Aaron Kampman, Green Bay (9.5)
NFL Tackles Leader After 8 Games: Cato June, Indianapolis (77)
NFL Interceptions Leader After 8 Games: Rashean Mathis, Jacksonville (6)
The End of the Road: Deshea Townsend, Pittsburgh

Best Draft Pick Bargain: Mark Anderson, DE, Chicago
honorable mention: Elvis Dumervil, DE, Denver; Demeco Ryans, LB, Houston
Could Be in Another Uniform Soon: Joey Porter, LB, Pittsburgh
Coaching Awards:

Best record after 8 games: Tony Dungy, Indianapolis (8-0)
Worst record after 8 games: Dennis Green, Arizona (1-7)

Wishing He Had a Do-Over for 2006: Bill Cowher, Pittsburgh
honorable mention: Nick Saban, Miami; Jon Gruden, Tampa Bay

Is He Still Alive?: Mike Martz, Offensive Coordinator, Detroit
honorable mention: Russ Grimm, Offensive Line Coach, Pittsburgh; Norm Chow, Offensive Coordinator, Tennessee

The End of the Road: Dennis Green, Arizona
honorable mention: Joe Gibbs, Washington; Tom Walsh, Offensive Coordinator, Oakland

Struggling Rookie of the Year: Rod Marinelli, Detroit
honorable mention: Gary Kubiak, Houston
Best Rookie: Sean Payton, New Orleans
honorable mention: Eric Mangini, New York Jets; Brad Childress, Minnesota
Ugliest On-field Moment: Albert Haynesworth's Stomp
honorable mention: Raiders/Seahawks Groingate; Trent Green's concussion; Nick Saban's inability to throw a challenge flag
Biggest Off-field Story: Terrell Owens "suicide"
honorable mention: Chiefs' Passion Party; Chris Henry's Car Vomit; Kevan Barlow's "Coach Hitler" comment; Ben Roethlisberger's emergency appendectomy; Steve Foley shot by off-duty cop
Worst TV trend: Celebrities in the Monday Night Football Booth
honorable mention: All the other people in the Monday Night Football Booth
Worst TV commercial: "This is our country..."
Best TV commerical: Nike's Briscoe High
Most Oversaturated Story: Dallas QB change
honorable mention: Tiki Barber retirement; The Manning Bowl; The Monday Night New Orleans game
Craziest Ending: Washington beating Dallas with each team trading field goal attempts in the last two plays
honorable mention: Matt Bryant's 62-yard game-ending field goal (Tampa Bay); Chicago's comeback against Arizona; Bucs edge Cincinnati 14-13 on last-minute scoring drive
Ridiculous Moment: The Ocho Cinco nameplate
honorable mention: Roy Williams saying how the Lions were so close to scoring 40 in week one; PacMan Jones spitting in a girl's face; Joey Porter's pit bulls eating a horse; Lions coach drives naked through Wendy's drive through
Saddest Moment: The Steelers losing to Oakland


Pat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

A suggested addition to the “moments” list, as in “the somewhere between most riveting and most heartwarming moment,” was the return of the Saints to the Superdome when they pasted the Falcons on Monday Night Football. Even the pre-game concert was compelling, and the NFL usually screws up musical entertainment.

Anonymous said...

I guess you are one of those people that needs bells and whistles to enjoy football then. The NFL does screw up musical entertainment, which is good, they should stick to football. I'm tired of everything BUT football on NFL telecasts.

Anonymous said...

Coverage of the New Orleans game was overblown. It wasn't about the city, it became about ESPN patting themselves on the back for how much publicity they could give it. Save U2 and Green Day for MTV. Football has nothing to do with heartwarming. Heartwarming is when Katrina victims have food and shelter, not expensive tickets to a sold-out game.

Anonymous said...

Best TV Commercial: Any Lincoln-Mercury spot featuring Jill Wagner.


Anonymous said...

Hey Myron, is that really you or just some yinzer playing you?

Unknown said...

Great list Monde...except for giving Terrell Owens an honorable mention at worst wide receiver acquisition. This bozo wins this award going away! Let alone now that he can't help but drop the ball in crucial situations too!

So let's see..he's a shameless self promoter, a locker room cancer AND he drops the ball in clutch situations. Sounds like a winner to me. No wonder why Parcells is so happy these days!

Megatron said...

I have to comment on Worst TV trend and the runner up of everyone in the booth. I am sick of Tony Kornheiser! Talk about a lame, off tempo, bozo! I love Monday night football, but Tony Kornheiser ruins it for me. I could somewhat tolerate him on his show, but for Monday night football, I feel he is a horrible choice. Sick of this deadbeat dude. Everything about him really irks me, his voice eapecially. Couldn't they find someone else, anyone else! Who is with me?! DOWN WITH KORNHEISER!!!

Anonymous said...

My Tony Kornheiser impersonation:

"It's too late for me!

I hate to travel!

That was a great play for my fantasy team.

I don't know anything about football!

I disagree, Joe.

Tell me more, Dwyane Wade/Christian Slater/Spike Lee/Brian Bosworth/Desperate Housewives guy"

Jules said...

The "celebrity in the booth" trend has got to go. I cannot believe that MNF booth is now a promotion pit stop. I especially loved Christian Slater this week who may have been watching his first NFL game. Oakland punts out of bounds at the 3 and he says "woah" Are you kidding! At least the Bos played football for God's sake!

Anonymous said...

Biggest "BAG OF HOT AIR" announcers award goes to:

John Madden and Al Michaels. Sunday Night Football USED TO BE entertaining, "BUT NOT ANYMORE" aka Comm. Decker - Star Trek episode