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Chargers #1, E! True Hollywood Story, Moss Wants Out, Britney Parties with Paris

Peter King says the Chargers are the NFL's #1 team.
Some excerpts from "Point of Light: Western PA's Journal of Meaningful Living" and their 8-page article on Troy Polamalu. Some criticize his constant religious talk, but as long as it doesn't bother his teammates, I see no problem. I'd rather have a team full of Polamalus than a team full of Chris Henrys and Odell Thurmans.
E! is giving us Athletes: The E! True Hollywood Story tomorrow afternoon
DJ Gallo puts on his mood ring and determines the emotional states of all the NFL's big names in week 11.
Randy Moss is tired of losing and wants traded. But he's not tired of cashing paychecks from that $75 million contract he signed in 2001.
Giant Magazine lists the most overhyped video game systems of all time. To this day, my cousin tells me how awesome the Atari 5200 is.


Lockedown said...

Guaranteed Randy Moss ends up a Redskin. Joe Gibbs would get ten years older if thats possible.

Anonymous said...

What?! PSP wasn't an overhyped flop.

Like every little kid I know has one... hell I HAVE ONE!!!

Anonymous said...

(Warning: Obvious jokes ahead):

Look! Two boobs ... AND Paris Hilton! OK, make that three!

This certainly explains the tabloid story I saw in the supermarket checkout line the other day:

"Britney wants a boob job."

Me: Hey! I thought she already filed for divorce.

Anyway, looks like she found one.

No matter how much money you have or hang around with, Honey, you're always six inches from the bayou.