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Monday Morning Wrapup

Ohio State 42, Michigan 39- Good game, yes. Great game? I'll have to say no. Michigan was trailing for all but the first four minutes. Yes, they managed to keep it close, which was nice, but allowing 503 yards to the Buckeyes was purely Pitt-esque.
Alfonso Soriano signs with the Cubs- 8 years, $136 million. The free agent market is really shaping up for our favorite payroll-slashing franchise.
Florida 62, Western Carolina 0- Another tough SEC game for the Gators. Wait, you mean they play cupcakes too? Surely you jest! What next, Notre Dame scheduling Army?
Cincinnati 30, Rutgers 11- Unfortunately, this wasn't the ending scripted in the Rutgers storybook season of 2006.
Donovan McNabb out for the season- Finally, Philadelphia has the excuse it needed to mail it in for a second consecutive season. And the world gets six full weeks of Jeff Garcia Awesomeness to boot.
Vince Young misses the Titans' team flight- That's just the leadership I expected out of the New NFL Millionaire's Party host.
Bears 10, Jets 0- Who thought this matchup would result in just 10 points? I mean, all those offensive weapons on both sides: Chad Pennington, Rex Grossman, Leon Washington, Cedric Houston, Muhsin Muhammad...
Bengals 31, Saints 16- A great job by that Bengal secondary, who held Drew Brees to just 510 yards passing in the win.
Bills 24, Texans 21- Lee Evans, Bills WR: 11 catches, 265 yards, 2 TDs. Overheard in the Texans' huddle: "Who's on that guy?"
Ravens 24, Falcons 10- Coach-Killer Michael Vick once again revolutionizes the quarterback position with 127 yards on 11 completions.
Patriots 35, Packers 0- And to think, this morning ESPN gave us the hard-hitting piece about "Brett Favre having fun again playing the game".
Panthers 15, Rams 0- After a 4-1 start, that's 5 losses in a row for the Rams, for those of you scoring at home.
Cowboys 21, Colts 14- Finally, people will mention the 1972 Dolphins' perfect season. It's a shame how that storyline gets ignored every year. Because they're such humble, grounded guys.
Cardinals 17, Lions 10- At 2-8, is it safe to assume the Lions are thinking QB in the 2007 draft?

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