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55 Things That Annoy Me About Sports

Update: Thanks to the 102.5 WDVE Morning Show for having me in-studio to talk about the list in greater detail today. It's always an honor to be on Pittsburgh's #1 morning show! You can visit the show's website at

I've become an angst-filled sports fan lately. So today I'm going to unleash some rage and vent with all of my faithful readers. 55 things that annoy me about sports. Why 55? Because I couldn't stop at 50. Feel free to air your own grievances in the comments section, and we'll take the best and add them on in a future post, making it the uber-list of beefs from annoyed fans.

1. Bill Belichick dressing like a hobo. At least wear a hoodie with sleeves! While I'm at it, kudos to Mike Nolan and Jack Del Rio for their suits this weekend. And since the NFL is a copycat league, expect to see all 32 coaches in suits, since the 49ers and Jags both won.

2. "...this is ouuuuuur country..."

3. The Lions on Thanksgiving every year. Is this not the worst tradition in the history of mankind?

4. Celebrities in the Monday Night Football booth. Especially when they aren't even football fans. Christian Slater, I'm looking in your direction.

5. Stuart Scott. Your act is so played out. Boo-ya.

6. "Thrown under the bus". When Donna Shalala uses it, it's time to move on.

7. "Drinking the kool aid". Find a new cliche.

8. The 1972 Miami Dolphins. You're embarrassing yourselves at this point.

9. Red Sox vs. Yankees. You're both full of overpaid underachievers. The rest of the country doesn't care.

10. The BCS. Let's devise as many ways as possible to decide a champion other than a playoff system.

11. The Oakland Raiders' apathy. Nice work naming Randy Moss captain.

12. OJ Simpson's now-cancelled confession, I mean book.

13. Pitt football's "defense".

14. Fans wishing each other luck on message boards. As my brother Ramon Mondesi, a frequent visitor of Pitt message boards, often wonders, "Why would WVU fans wish us luck against Louisville? The guys on the message boards aren't playing!"

15. Websites/blogs offering messages to deceased athletes' families. As admirable as it is to post messages like, "To the Schembechler family, our thoughts and prayers are with you...", I doubt they're reading a blog the next day.

16. Notre Dame. Play a real schedule or join a conference. Three service academies, North Carolina (2-9), Stanford (1-10)...what a murderer's row.

17. Ogden Nutting. Although I admire his being able to dodge the arrows for so long through McClatchy, who many fans still think is the majority owner.

18. D-Fence Signs. At least try the "Off-fense" in the Man Law commercials.

19. Pete Rose, Terrell Owens, Barry Bonds, and Bobby Knight. Please go away, and take your "I'm Sorry I Bet on Baseball" autographs, Little T children's books, Cream, Clear, and choking with you.

20. Diminishing the accomplishments of teams who just won the championship. First we heard about how the Steelers stole the Lombardi Trophy. Then we endured how the Cardinals were such a crappy champion. How about criticizing the teams that finished in the bottom of the league?

21. The Red Sox crying poor (not re-signing Pedro or Damon, calling the Yankees "the Evil Empire") and bidding $51 million to negotiate with a Japanese pitcher. Hypocrites.

22. Spoiled Yankee fans. They boo their best/most fragile player, driving him into a further funk. They really are the smartest fans in baseball. Want to see real fans? Check out the brave souls who pay to watch Jeromy Burnitz trot out to right field.

23. Big East bashing. How about bashing the ACC, the real worst conference among the big six?

24. Roger Clemens/Brett Favre's annual retirement dances. Go away.

25. Corruption in amateur basketball. When there is a list of top 6th graders, I can safely say our priorities are out of order in this country.

26. Chris Berman. Tha Rayyyydahsss...The Seeeeeehawks...The Geeeeee Men...The frozen tundra of Lambeauuuu Field...and my favorite...You're With Me, Leather.

27. Ranking Peyton Manning as the best QB in the NFL every year, only to have him disappoint everyone in the playoffs. I know, this year it will be different. And next year the Pirates will have a winning record.

28. Jon Gruden as an elite coach. Keep working those 20-hour days. They've resulted in losing seasons in three of the last four years.

29. Larry Brown.

30. Teams who hire Larry Brown.

31. Players who celebrate individual plays when their team is behind. Also known as "The Joey Porter Special".

32. The NHL on Versus. Most YouTube videos have better production values.

33. Kobe vs. Shaq on Christmas. This was cool 2 years ago. How about Lebron vs. Wade?

34. Bud Selig. Need I say more?

35. Tiki Barber as a first-ballot HOFer. On the all-time rushing list, he's behind players like OJ Anderson, Ricky Watters, and even Edgerrin James, who started two years after him and lost a year to a torn ACL. Don't think so.

36. Koren Robinson. He's the Steve Howe of the NFL. He just can't help himself.

37. Michelle Wie, and to a lesser degree, Danica Patrick.

38. Overprotection of NFL quarterbacks. 2006 has taken this to ridiculous heights.

39. The myth that Michael Vick will someday be a polished quarterback. Marcus Vick has a better chance, and he's a wide receiver.

40. The NHL schedule. 8 games against some teams, 0 against others. Did they have one too many Labatt's when they wrote this up?

41. Matt Millen still having a job. The Lions are now 23-67 (.255) on his watch.

42. Tear-jerking Sunday morning SportsCenter pieces. I'm looking for the scores and insight. If I wanted to cry I'd watch Brian's Song.

43. Trey Wingo imitating Chris Berman. So if Berman wasn't bad enough, now he has a clone.

44. CBS's Gus Johnson. Strictly upon the Steelers-Browns game on Sunday.

45. Athletes stealing nicknames. First there was the Anthony Thomas/Mike Alstott "A-Train" controversy. Now we have Ladainian Tomlinson stealing "L.T.". Unless he gains some bulk and starts snorting coke by the bushel, he is not L.T.

46. Tony Kornheiser talking about his fantasy team on Monday Night Football. Congratulations on drafting Matt Jones. It really does prove you know nothing about football.

47. The Broncos' cut-blocking. Hard to believe a team that once employed Bill Romanowski would resort to such dirty tactics.

48. Lee Corso. Try not pandering to the home crowd. That would be really interesting.

49. Joe Theismann. Let's recap: the Sunday night football crew gets blown up. Paul Maguire gets shuffled off to college football. Mike Patrick gets shuffled off to college football. Joe Theismann gets promoted to Monday Night Football. Didn't make sense to me, either.

50. Selected ESPN programming. I know there's a lot of time to fill, especially with 19 channels, but in addition to poker, we now have paintball, dominoes, the Hot Dog eating competition, and worst of all, Cold Pizza.

51. The NFL Network. It's the ultimate leverage for the league, but until some of these cable operators blink, a lot of fans will miss out on some good football.

52. Power Rankings. The ultimate space-filler for websites. Absolutely meaningless, yet fans get whipped up about perceived disrespect. Just remember, John Clayton's vote doesn't have any influence on your team making the Super Bowl.

53. AC/DC's Hell's Bells played on 3rd and or 4th down in 98% of stadiums across the country.

54. Footballs players putting up four fingers to signify the fourth quarter.

55. Nerdy bloggers who write lists. Oooh, some guy in Pittsburgh hates the Yankees...I'm sure George Steinbrenner is losing sleep.

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Anonymous said...

56. Michael Irvin - His ugly ties, horrible commentary, unwavering love for TO, drug use/err I mean holding drug paraphernalia for friends, and racist comments on ESPN radio.

vinnie said...

57 thru 73. Joe Theismann, because mentioning him just once isn't nearly enough. (BTW, what does he have against Plax? He was all over him last night).

vinnie said...

74. Joe Buck. Now THAT's a disgusting display and I apologize for it appearing in my comments.

vinnie said...


vinnie said...

76. Vinnie (aka Damn Skippy). Just because Deadspin's server is down doesn't mean he can come here and post comment after comment.

Vee said...

76. Dancing with the Stars.

It's not a sport, and Emmitt Smith is no longer a pro athlete. So why have we had to endure round-the-clock coverage of this non-sports related shit-show on almost ALL sports outlets for the past month?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

77). T.O., highlights of T.O., stories about T.O.'s suicide, T.O's locker room hi-jinks, T.O.'s arguments with quarterbacks, T.O.'s antics on the sidelines, T.O. not getting along with tuna fish, T.O. not liking Randall Cunningham, T.O. blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Did I make my point yet?

Anonymous said...

78 - Chris Collingsworth. I'd like to smack the smug right off of his face.

Anonymous said...

79 - Fox Sports Pittsburgh. First they can Guy, then Mike Lange, now they force the Cleveland Cavaliers down our throats.

Pro hoops = meh. Any Cleveland team on Pittsburgh airwaves = double meh. I'd rather watch a Division III Football weekly wrap up show hosted by Gordie Lockbaum... or that Dan Marino "In Their Own Words" special again... or that John Mellencamp commercial.

Anonymous said...

Deadspin has become stale. Now they're having a tournament of all their stories. As if it wasn't enough to hear about Carl Monday 18 times, then induct him into the "Deadspin Hall of Fame", now we hear about him yet again in a Deadspin Tournament. Yeah, that's a great story. Ever hear of overkill?

I used to really enjoy that site, but I think they've gotten too full of themselves. They act like they came up with "You're with me, leather", when all they did was post it.

Anonymous said...

sean salisbury

Anonymous said...

and peter kings fine fifteen, monday morning quarterback, and his weekly picks, which if not ridiculous enough, he predicts what people will do and say after the games? is this motherfucker serious?

Justin said...

jake plummer running to the sidelines after practically every play to get a drink.......i bet he does it to eavesdrop on cutler/shanahan conversations


Michael Irvin, the only guy that gets caught with a crack pipe and is still employed the next day, from the employer that broke the news, now that is the new definition of irony. Nice job gangsta


my bad, didn't realize Michael Irvin was previously nominated at 56. Here, I have a new one....

Ray Lewis, the only guy that is part of a murder, but professes his love for the cloth.

Anonymous said...

-The forced animosity between Sean Salisbury and John Clayton. Salisbury's a huge douche, but he'd kick Clayton's puny ass all over Bristol.

-Don Criqui.

-ESPN's constant "creating the story, not reporting it" approach to journalism. They still talk about Curt Schilling's bloody sock, and they made Tony Romo relevant.

-Jeremy "I'm not Dick, but I am one" Schaap.

-The blantant verbal fellating of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. They throw a couple of bad passes, and the announcers are quick to defensively accuse a WR of not running a crisp route, or the breakdown in pass protection. Rex Grossman does the same, and his decision-making skills and ability to handle pressure are lambasted.

-Jay Mariotti. Ozzie was right. He's a fag.

Bic said...

Not sure where we are number wise but...

-MLB players taking steroids get 50 minutes of SportsCenter coverage while NFL players (and ones we've actually heard of too) who take steroids don't get any blame put on them at all.

-ESPN Insider...the only half decent things on are Insider only.

-Lou Holtz's lisp.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

The No Fun League's new commitment to penalizing players who demonstrate spontaneous exuberance after scoring a touchdown.

Anonymous said...

??. Blinding Love for overrated rookies and not enouhg love for great rookies. Im tired of anytime the saints are mentioned, the first thing they talk about is Reggie Bush. Even when he has a bad day, they still make him out to be the best back in the league. SHUT UP. OVERRATED

Megatron said...

103- Cowher statue. Where is the old Bill Cowher, you know, the one that cared?

Anonymous said...

the fact that me thinking about going to pirates games next season means i have already spent more time thinking about next season than dave littlefield has

Anonymous said...

kirk herbstreit

Jules said...

112. Stadiums who play the "making of our cheerleader calendar" video on the smaller trons instead of putting up fantasy stats. I am talking to you JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS. No wonder you are the bottom feeders in the NFL.

147. Mike Ditkas never actually finishing his sentences.

Bic said...

Good luck tomorrow on DVE...will we be be able to hear a replay of it at some point if we can't get to a computer at that time?

mondesishouse said...

Their producer has always provided me with an MP3 file on past appearances I've done--I know there are plenty of people who would like to listen but can't.

Unfortunately, their producer is out of town, so if we are able to get a replay, it probably won't be for a while. Hope you can catch some or all of it!

Adam said...

80. Penn State basketball. Sure, they're my favorite team, but c'mon a Big 10 school should at least beat Stony Brook, right?

81. Steeler Nation. Theres nothing more annoying than tuning in to learn what is going on in the world on 3 local new stations and seeing nothing but a busted bike and glass on the street. I mean really Steeler fans, get a life. Also, the pink and white Steeler jerseys that women wear. C'mon!

83. The "new" baseball tonight. Orel Hershiser and Tino Martinez with poor Karl Ravich. THAT is an All Star cast.

84. Pitt fans who think Penn State is afraid of them. Honestly, Penn State doesn't need Pitt to generate buzz. There will be 105,000 asses in seats to watch TEMPLE. So c'mon, admit you need us, and admit that Joe was right in going to the Big 10 and move on. Come to Beaver Stadium wice to every one time we go to Pitt and everything will be ok. Otherwise, quit taking pot shots at JoePa on natinal television on what is supposed to be your biggest rivalry game (on a Thursday night no less, can anyone take that seriously?). And remember, your sour grapes go no furthur east than maybe Johnstown. No one else cares the Pitt doesnt play Penn State. We are busy winning.

84. The BCS. No one doubts that USC and Texas were the best 2 teams last season, but really, Penn State vs. Southern Cal in the Rose Bowl in a National Semi final would have been fun and interesting. Texas vs. Georgia in the Sugar Bowl would have been fun as well. Even throw in WVU to the playoff picture and its a lot more rewarding for the fans of ALL schools involved when the National title was won in the playofs.

86. Ron Jaworski. Hes a mono tone. Sure, he chages the inflections of his voice, but if you put his script in front of most football fans, theyd likely mimic how he would read it EXACTLY, because the changes in inflection are, by noe, so predicable.

87. No TD ceebrations. Chad Johnson is now just another receiver. All his creativity has been taken away by the No FUn League.

88. Lou Holtz. How a man with as severe a lisp as him can get a job on natinal television is beyond me.

89. 51 mil to NEGOTIATE with a Jap who has never thrown a major league pitch. I went down to see Mike and MIke in the morning the day of the Home run derby from SoHo's across from PNC park. Selig was a guest that day, and sat in front of 40 or so Pirate fans less than a mile from the home of the Super Bowl champs a said "I think there is as much parity in baseball as there is in football, if not more". What he meant was "I think the fact that our champions come from many different mega markets proves that we have more parity than football, where the champion can come from a poor town like Pittsburgh. Its not fair to the big cities!

90. ESPN anaylsts saying Danic Patrick has to win to succeed. Shes hott, and makes me watch Indy Car once in a while. She has done enough.

91. Those credit card people at stadiums who offer you a free, pardon me, COMPLIMENTARY towel if you get their credit card. I came to watch a game, not to find a new way to pay for it.

92. "Ladies Night" at PNC. There are enough women there as it is, you dont need to draw more tramps off the street that know nothing about baseball.

93. Soccer. Enough said.

94. Bob Pompeiani and his anti Penguin, anti Penn State agenda. Get a life. you are a reporter, not a sales rep for the Steelers, panthers, and pirates. Penn Sat goes 8-4 and the town's best sports anchor probably can't name 6 players.

Russell Lucas said...

95. Fantasy football, because it creates dorks who watch their favorite team lose to openly talk about the bright side of some guy on the other team racking up stats.

Anonymous said...

Where are we? Oh 96. Dan Patrick-arrogant and vastly overrated as an anchor and radio talk show host.

97. Shannon Sharpe-can you get the marbles out of your mouth? I can't believe this guy hasn't had voice lessons.

98. Mark Madden. My God his act is so old. He's a big mouth puke. I wish he'd just go away.

99. Guys over 30 wearing their "favorite player" jersey. It's not cool to wear your Big Ben number 7 or Hines number 86 during the big game when you're old enough to be their dad.

100. Pro Wrestling. Yea right. Pro.

Anonymous said...

101. Asshole Penn State fans, such as Adam. "All we do is win games." Funny you say that after an 11-1 season. Would you have said that between 2000 and 2004? I don't think so either. Fans like you take Paturdo's word as gospel. I'll bet you enjoyed watching that Temple game. As much as Georgia/GT, SoCar/Clemson, Florida/FlaSt, FlaSt/Miami, etc.

Anonymous said...

102. Holier than thou Penn State fans (JoePa is god blah blah... how dare anyone take shots at the almighty JoePa... even though most of us wanted him gone two years ago blah blah).

I seem to remember watching a 2005 PSU home opener against USF on TV with HORDES of empty seats at Beaver Stadium. It's not as bad as Pitt, but don't go acting like Penn State is immune to attendance problems when things aren't exactly peachy in their football world.

And then, one of them had the nerve to bitch about their basketball program. Well, Pitt doesn't care about your basketball program because we're too busy winning!!! (sound familiar?)

And finally, any real Penn State fan with any sense of history would love to bring back the Pitt rivalry. Thing is, they won't admit it because THAT would be admitting that almighty lord JoePa actually did something wrong when he ended it, and fabricated a new "rivalry" with Michigan effing State!! And no, WVU is not our biggest rival... YOU ARE!!! But I'm sure that "historic" MSU rivalry creates such a huge buzz on campus during game week doesn't it?

Guess we'll just have to settle for the fact that your sorry ass basketball team will line up to get their asses kicked by us once per year since "JoePa Christ" doesn't see fit to play our football team anymore.

103. I'm a HUGE Penguins fan, but I hate Pens fans that whine about the Steelers getting more press in Pittsburgh. Look, the Steelers are a football team and the Penguins are a hockey team, in Pittsburgh, which is in the United States and not Canada. Football is more popular in the United States in general. Deal with it, and support your teams regardless.

I mean, it's not like mainstream America is having a hard enough time accepting hockey already without some pretentious-sounding puckhead baby crying about media coverage and making the rest of us non-pretentious puckheads look like little bitches.

Anonymous said...

104- Idiots opposing a playoff system for college football saying instead, "The entire season is a playoff. Each week another team is eliminated."

Worldwide Reader said...

Joe Theismann needs to be number 1. If you think he is an awful announcer, try reading his "columns." God I hate that man.

Anonymous said...

The Junker and Crow Show. A bunch of stolen bits from other shows. Crow has the personality of a dead moth.

Anonymous said...

what the hell does #54 mean?

Anonymous said...

Nearly every HS, college and pro team puts up four fingers in the air to "remind themselves" that the game is going into the fourth quarter. I agree that this is dumb.

Adam said...

I'd like to respond to the Pitt fans who, as anticipated, attepmted to blast Penn State and, as anticipated, failed miseably. First of all, I was at the USF game. I walked in thinking "its gonna be pretty empty in here" but it wasn't as bad as I thought. Keep in mind, we probably still sold more tickets for that game than Pitt did for the backyard brawl. even if we dont sell 50,000 tickets, we still outsell pitt, so don't compae attendance problems. I wasnt one of the people calling fer JoePas head 2 years ago by the way.

I also laugh at people who make fun of our schedule by bringing up temple. #1 at least we don;t bring in the Shitadel to make ourselves look good, and #2 at least they have the balls to come to Beaver Stadium to get their asses whooped unlike another program out there... #3 may i remind you we played the best two teams in the country along with Notre dame, and yes, we lost, but in 2 out of three we had a legitimate shot at winning.

As for the Michigan State "rivalry" i can see it taking shape, but only if we don;t remain competitive with OSU. I'm pretty sure if you asked a Penn State fan they'd call that our biggest rivalry because of the two great games the past 2 years. anyway, MSU sucks so bad. We beat them in the game AND the blood drive. Thats right bitches.

Which brings me to Pitt. On FSN before the game, they had some big cheese from Pitt talking about how much he enjoys Pitt's new biggest rival. Then he took a shot at Joe saying "there are 10 million fans in the state who want the teams to play but theres one important one that doesnt". Then Pitt's radio announcer said during the game with Fowler and Herbstreit the Penn State "blindly follows the old man up there". Why shouldnt we? Ending the Pitt rivalry hasnt hurt Penn State one bit. like i said, when 105,000 people show up to watch temple, theres no reason to help Pitt keep their program afloat by going to Heinz field twice. By crying for the rivalry on your terms, you acknowlege how much the Pitt program needs Penn State. there arent 10 million people in the state crying for the game trust me.

As for the basketball team, did you notice PSU isnt on the Pitt schedule this year? why? because last year we didnt have a losng record. 15-15. Apparantly thats too goo a record for Jamie Dixon to deal with. as soon as we become remotely competitive, we are taken off the schedule. funny dont you think?

finally, to the HUGE penguins fan. I'm not saying the Pens dont get sufficient air time. ESPN radio treats the decently, along with Stan and FSN. But its clear that Bob Pompeani at good old channel 2 detests talking about hockey. When the Steelers were at 2-6, he STIL screened Penguins calls. Te only way Pens fans get on is if they lie and say they want to talk about Doren Dickerson. The other nite, some brave fellow asked a Pens question after lying to get on the air and finished by asking "and why do you guys screen penguins calls?" to which he was promptly cut off. Bobby pretened like he didnt hear him and went on. Ron Cook laughed. the show is a joke when steigerwald isnt on it. I'm not gonna get into his sensoring of Penn State because ive gone on enough on a PSU diatribe already. They still insist on taling exclusively steelers, even though any realistic FOOTBALL fan knows theyre screwed. Of couse, Steeler fans like him and fedko still think theres a legimate chance at the playoffs. what makes anyone thin the steelers can run the table? We almost lost to CLEVELAND. dont get me wrong, i love the steelers, but the way channel 2 kisses their ass drives me nuts.

thank you


Anonymous said...

#200 Penn State fans.

Get over yourselves. The rest of the Big Ten schools don't even count you as division rival.

lousy hype factory... somebody should tell them that nobody cares.

Anonymous said...

State Penn fans...please shut up. You're the same group of sycophants that wanted to fire Paterno in 2004. I love how you expect praise for scheduling OSU and Michigan, when they're in your conference.

Get the F over yourself. Pitt was able to get home-and-homes with Notre Dame, Nebraska, Michigan State, you're saying those programs are all beneath you?

The best part...this whole argument was brought up by a PENN STATE FAN! Who's really the one dwelling on this rivalry?

You suck, Penn State sucks, Paterno sucks, Morelli sucks, Kerry Collins sucks, Curtis Enis sucks, Blair Thomas really sucked, Ki-Jana Carter sucked, and Lavar Arrington sucks the most. Go Pitt.

Anonymous said...

You know what, I give up guys. You make too much sense and my arguments are weak at best. I deeply apologize for being so lame. I really suck. I suck hard. I suck balls. I suck Paterno's balls.

Anonymous said...

202) That sub-moron JoPaturdo got just what he deserves, he got his ass run over! Too bad it couldn't have happened in a Pitt-Penn State game! He should have been number 1-AAA on this list.

Can you imagine the arrogance of a man to expect Pitt to play two games there to one here? That's just an excuse because he knows how embarrassing it would be to have to deal with Pitt again.

Temple, they can squeeze on the schedule. As far as the Citadel is concerned, does anyone in the world think that Pitt would have scheduled the Citadel if they could have scheduled Penn State? I didn't think so.

As a Pennsylvania resident and lifelong sports fan, I can say unequivocably that Penn State breaking off the biggest rivalry game in the country was a shameful act by a bitter old man.

Retire Paturdo. Better yet, get back on the sidelines and get hit again. Or better yet, try crossing I-79 on your crutches in the dark.

Am I bitter that you took away the Pitt-Penn State rivalry? You bet I am!!!

I particularly miss the P-E-N-N-S-T SUCKS that the fans would do during the Pitt fight song!!! I hate you Penn State, you and your lily white uniforms, helmets and socks and your holier than god coach, Joe Paturdo Christ.

Jules said...

TO ADAM: Not trying to continue the argument here but honestly, you're right. Pitt probably needs the game more than you. However, an in-state rivalry I think is good for everyone in the end. I;m a Gator fan and even though FSU is sub par at best this season I still look forward to it because you never know how a game is going to turn out when it is such a rivalry.

Also, everyone knows PSU has a great fanbase. You have an enormous student body as well as the benefit of being located college town.

ANYWAY, back to the original question...I am seconding the stupid pink and white women's jerseys and adding Best Damn Sports Show...dare I admit I enjoyed it more when Tom Arnold was on it.?

Adam said...

wow Pitt fans. Youre arguements have me stumped. your the most bitter and whiney ppl on planet earth. i mean really, i bring solid points and your just to stupid to see them! Ya know wat it is? your all jealous. jeaslous that Penn State doesn;t need you, jealous that they have a conference that if they can run the table in, they are guaenteed a berth the championship game, jealous our town is better than yours, jealous our women are prettier, jealous that we have more money than you (except yer med students, no competiton there), and jealous that we have our own stadium. When Paterno dies, i gurentee we wont play you anyway. it makes no sense for us to come to pittsburgh twice to wipe our asses with your "team" when we can be making pleanty of money playing temple. no one outside pittsburgh rally cares about the "rivalry". sure wed love to whoop yer asses so u shut up, but we arent stupid. a little history means nothing when the people on th other end are retarted.

Anonymous said...

It's retarded... not "retarted". Look it up in the dictionary... or look in a mirror... either way you'll get the same answer.

FYI - not a Pitt fan... just a realist that hates Penn State, Joe Pa, The Crow Bar, the band Velveeta, and whatever else you blow hards put on a holier than thou pedestal and subject the general population of this state too every time you're told to shut up.

Anonymous said...

To Adam,

According to your profile, you're a 16-year-old kid from Bethel Park. So who are you to be saying things like "our women are prettier than yours"? and "our town is better than yours" on behalf of Penn State? Are you talking to Pitt fans, or are you talking to people more on your level, like Upper St. Clair and Mt. Lebanon teenyboppers?

Just another internet tough guy, from where I sit. Pitt rules.

Adam said...

Well for your information, I'm a Penn State season ticket holder. Me and my friends spend many a weekend tailgating, watching football, and enjoing every moment of it. When people blast Penn State (spcifically Pitt fans from my very own Bethel Park) and specifically JoePa, it pisses me off because I'm sick of hearing the sour grapes over the rivalry ending. Your opinion is your opinion on how Joe has handled the situation, but it is money driven, and in the Best interests of the Pennsylvania State University. Would I like to see Penn State and Pitt play? of course, but not when they want us to go to Pittsburgh twice. thats nuts. its just as nuts as you apprantly thin bring the Panthers to Happy Valley twice is. I understand, Pitt needs Penn State to sell out Heinz Field, but we dont need Pitt to sell out Beaver Stadium. Its that simple. so until someone blinks, Pitt and Penn State arent going to play. If Jeff Long had any sense, hed cave first.

Now as for who i was saying our women are prettier (I live here and spend my weekends there so i would know) i directed that at Pitt fans. However, come to think of it, USC and Lebo work too. you know, you cant spell SUCK without USC! no i admit it, BP sucks at everything. period.

I hope the Pitt fans ive been sparing with can see my point. I dont expect you too, but if any Pitt fan comes foward and acknowleges that its PITT's fault the rivalry failed, then props to you. I know some of you are half way intelligent cuz i have a lot of Pitt fan friends. most of them know Pitt needs Penn State and not vis versa, and are pretty upset with Pitt officials for being so stubborn. at least they know better than to challenge JoePa's infallability.

Anonymous said...

Adam, if you're an example of the quality that Penn State is churning out, God help all of us. Your spelling is about at a third grade level!

Anonymous said...

Is there any reason no one told this blowhard that DeChellis is the one who ended the PSU/Pitt hoops series? Dixon enjoyed pummeling those pathetic freemasons from State College.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Brady and
Peyton treatment. Especially
Brady. He is the most overrated
NFL player of all time. I think
the league wants to make him
into a star, even though he is
really an average to good QB.
Manning, however, is the best
QB in the league. He has been
a victim of a bad defense, especially this season.

BlackAndGold said...

Penn State is the laughing-stock of the universe. Keep thinking that you are cool out in the middle of nowhere packing in your fans for football games. You can count the number of inner city colleges who can put up attendance numbers like Pitt does. I guess when you are in the middle of nowhere, the only thing to do on a Saturday afternoon is go watch an 81 year old coach poop his pants. Oh, and nice touch with the 6 players involved in the criminal activity recently, HA!

Tony said...

Being a Penn State student, I believe my opinion represents my fellow classmates thoughts as well. Its obviously been said that Pitt fans want this to happen, and PSU fans supporting JoePa's choice of only a 2 for 1 option for the games. I love JoePa, but he is not God. I understand he is not perfect. It would be stupid to not have my own opinion and just agree with him at all times.

That being said, I would love to restart this rivalry of Pitt vs. PSU. I agree with everyone saying PSU lacks a true rival. Come on PSU fans - Michigan State? its pathetic! osu and um are awesome big 10 matchups that gets everyone pumped up, but would anyone in their right mind compare PSU/OSU to OSU/UM or ND/USC? PSU/Pitt would replicate the Auburn/Alabama rivalry, one of the best in the game.

I agree, this younger generation I am a part of does not all know of the once storied rivalry that was PSU/Pitt, but why does that mean it cant be renewed? An in-state rivalry is whats missing in PA college football (unless you count PSU/Temple...). I honestly am upset that JoePa is lowballing Pitt to a 2 for 1 deal, Pitt deserves more respect than that.

For all the PSU fans thinking im out of my mind right now, think about it; would you rather walk down curtin road on a saturday morning getting ready for the ferocious TEMPLE OWLS or would you rather get the juices flowin all week leading up to the battle for the Pride of Pennsylvania?!?! CMON PEOPLE WAKE UP