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The $22.5 Million Backup

We all know about his background. Uncle Francois forcing him to work out until 2 AM as a teenager. Lining his backyard with baking flour to truly understand the dimensions of a football field. Chasing rabbits to increase his speed. Yes, Ike Taylor truly was the Cinderella story of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He worked his way from Louisiana-Lafayette to 4th round pick to starter for the Super Bowl champions. He signed a 5-year, $22.5 million contract before the season. And now he's backing up Bryant McFadden, while Deshea Townsend inexpicably remains in the starting lineup.
Yes, these are crazy times here in Steeler Land. It seems that our future Hall of Fame coach felt the need to shake up the roster. Instead of extracting Deshea "Swing and a Whiff on Javon Walker" Townsend from the starting cornerback position, Ike Taylor becomes the scapegoat for the demise of the 2006 Steelers season.
Cowher chose not to demote Townsend because Cowher is a big "dues" guy. Townsend played all those years as a nickelback and Mr. Bill is rewarding him for his loyalty, plain and simple. In his fourth year as a pro, Taylor is a virtual pup in the eyes of his coach when compared to the nine years of service that Townsend has clocked.
While Taylor certainly did not play well on Sunday against Denver, neither did most of the Steelers. Cowher wants to shuffle the deck, and someone who has struggled was going to take the fall, fair or unfair. And since he can't bench all 22 starters (unless you want to see Charlie Batch handing off to Najeh Davenport and throwing to Nate Washington), something like this was bound to happen. Frankly, I'm surprised Cowher has waited until the ninth game to make a change, and I'd be equally surprised if he stopped at one change.


Anonymous said...

unbelievable......ikes performance was what you got out of dwayne washington and chad scott game after game and look how long cowher stuck with them

Anonymous said...

I have been a Cowher Supporter since Day 1 and received Criticism for it from my 5 Brothers. However, after graduating HS the same year as Coach Bill (1975) while he attended Carlynton and I Canevin HS, I have to wonder if Bill has achieved his ultimate reward last year? The results this year support a team that alcks focus and leadership in times of adversity. many of us do nOT see the same fire on this team as was last year (Willie Parker - you are correct) and it starts at the top with Coach Cowher. Bill, to heck with prior protocol, if the Steelers are officailly ousted from the playoffs with 1 more loss, tell the Rooneys and the Steeler Nation your true future intentions. Instead of manning up, how about coaching up?