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Pittsnogle XPlodes Into Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh XPlosion, official basketball team of Mondesi's House, finally inked WVU star Kevin Pittsnogle to a contract today. So if you needed another reason to go to a game, other than the presence of former Runnin' Rebel Armon Gilliam, the Hooters Rooters, the Bomb Squad dance team, and the availability of many good seats, you now have one.

Freddie Lewis just got Pittsnogled
In addition to Pittsnogle, the XPlosion signed former Duquesne star (Duquesne star?) Bryant McAllister and former WVU/Cal U malcontent Drew Schifino. Word is they tried to sign Bryant McFadden away from the Steelers but thought Bryant McAllister sounded close enough.
The trio joins Gilliam, much-hyped video game system/basketballer Coleco Buie, and what looks like former Pitt Panthers Jaron Brown and Chris Seabrooks to form a somewhat intriguing nucleus.
Ok, guys, we'll line you up, left to right, based on your enthusiasm level of joining the Pittsburgh XPlosion. Really Excited, you stand on the left. Somewhat Enthused, you go in the middle. Totally Unamused, you take the end.
I think that we should have a Mondesi's House field trip one night to an XPlosion game. And for those of the Mondesi Nation who live in other states, I would bring along the digital camera and provide a killer recap. As killer as a recap of a CBA game you could possibly have.

The tables turned: Pittsnogle gets Potashed

The season tips off Friday, December 1 against the Albany Patroons, and the XPlosion xpect a racuous crowd of 100 for opening night. I say we start the trash talking with Patroon fans right now. Check out that enthusiastic dance team director!

No, I'm not excited to head up a CBA dance team. But at least I'm not trying to dig up dirt on a CBA team at 11:30 at night either, loser.


Anonymous said...

You can get an STD just from looking at a picture of that trainwreck

Anonymous said...


Slim pickings in Albany.

I like how they stuck Carla (pictured) in the very back b/c she's the only gal who forgot that the slutty knee-high boots were given a thumbs-down for the team picture.

Washington85 said...

cant wait for game one watch Pitts take down Albany..I even know the armonater Gilliam.. Family acctualy haha, my aunts husbands brother is Armon. I have his card from the Utah Jazz...never got me a autogparh either