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Power Rankings, Boise Sticks ESPN, Rodman's Midget Basketball Movie, KFed Dumped by Text

The Yankees had a case of extreme bad timing with their "Yankee Santa Claus flying a plane" Christmas ornament released days before the Cory Lidle tragedy. (Thanks to reader A.J. for the link)
While writing stories about Kevin Pittsnogle and Ike Taylor, I neglected to wrapup the Pens game. So I'll leave that duty to the Pensblog today.
Regulars know "bern1" from the Mondesi comments section. And he just started a blog, so you can read more of his musings at Joey Porter's Pit Bulls. Check out his "Deuce vs. Duce" preview of Sunday's matchup. says the Pens are the 11th-best NHL team in their new Power Rankings.
Meanwhile, says the Steelers are the 22nd-best NFL team.
Bill Simmons sorts out the first week in the NBA. He fails to mention the impact of Cavs games airing on FSN Pittsburgh.
The Ike Taylor benching has resulted in the closure of the store
Boise State sticks it to ESPN, like each of us dream to do every day.
How's this for a movie concept: Dennis Rodman coaching a midget basketball team, with Mini-Me as one of his players?
Stewart Mandel does a good job sticking up for the Big East. Personally, I've grown weary about hearing how the conference is so inferior.
Kevin Federline got text message?
Finally, an awesome first look at the Hills Have Eyes 2. Anyone else out there ever see the original or the remake?


Anonymous said...

I saw the original. A buddy of mine is a big horror movie buff and has the DVD.

Then I saw the remake. I thought it was one of the rare times the remake was as good as the original.

Anybody hear about the possible Brittany Spears sex tape? Someone sent me a link to some suspicious looking footage yesterday. I'm not posting it here though, there might be youngins around.

Megatron said...

If Tony Kornheiser does not retire, we will have to vote him out of his bland commentating. He is sending the wrong message to the American people. When asked how he would contribute to the National Football League, Kornheiser did not have a concrete answer. Kornheiser is an over qualified, know-it-all, jackass. Kornheiser is wrong for the NFL, and wrong for Monday night football. Kornheiser, WRONG ON ALL COUNTS!!!