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Real Beer Pong Tables, More Anti-ESPN Sentiment, Notre Dame, Jordan Staal

That Lynn Swann Beer Pong post was popular. Really popular. So popular, it was Mondesi's House's #1-ranked traffic day of all time. That post reached so many people that I even heard from the maker of the Beer Pong table in the picture! So check out for the entire line of their wares.
Continuing my anti-ESPN rant from yesterday, "ESPN and Big-Market Trends". Make sure to catch that comment by "Mel Ott". By the way, try and catch Dan Patrick's radio on Friday (1-3 PM here in Pittsburgh)...he'll be talking about ESPN's overcoverage of the Cowboys, I believe with Peter King. Apparently I'm not the only one upset with the Worldwide Leader.
Dan Onorato bumped into Jim Balsillie at a Penguin game last week.
The Cardinals scout who discovered Albert Pujols is now stocking shelves at Wal-Mart.
Stewart Mandel says that Notre Dame is actually ranked too high in the polls. And he gives you evidence why.
Charlie Weis is upset, fat: a beautiful rant on the team people love and love to hate. (via Deadspin)
Heck, let's go for three anti-Notre Dame links: Mondesi favorite DJ Gallo's "What Planet ya From, Charlie?"'s Allan Muir weighs in on the Great Jordan Staal Debate.


Anonymous said...

Why anyone, much less a major-college head coach, would take any poll seriously (until the last one before the bowls anyway) is beyond me. Aren't these the guys who usually insist they pay no attention whatsoever to the polls? Which is the way it should be.

If you need that much emotional propping up maybe you should find another line of work. Hey, win ALL your games, then you can make your case. Until then, shut up.

Meantime, any poll is just a collection of opinions, and we know about opinions and assholes.

Anonymous said...

So the response to ESPN's overcoverage of the Cowboys is to discuss the overcoverage some more? That makes a lot of sense. And I've already said too much.

Anonymous said...

Here's a comment from the "beautiful rant" about ND from "Rumors and Rants"

"We'll say it again, if you didn't go there, you cannot root for the team."

Uh, yea. Very seldom do you read that level of stupidity.

The only "beautiful" part is that another blog contributor gets continuosly nailed for claiming the stadium was 60% full at the end of the game becuase all the awful ND fans left early. Forgetting that people took pictures, LOTS of pictures.

Anonymous said...

Looks like we have our first defensive Notre Dame fan on the board!

Anonymous said...

Looks like we have our first defensive Notre Dame fan on the board!


It always helps when there's noone to refute what you say...

Anonymous said...

That's pretty amazing that Weis was able to get an extension going 5-2 against 0 teams that finished in the top 25 last year. And he's winning with Quinn, Samardzija, and Zbikowski, who were all Willingham recruits. Toughest schedule in the land once again this year...3 service acadmies, 0-8 Stanford, 1-6 North Carolina....and a blowout against the only legit power they've played this year. NOTRE DAME IS AWESOME BABY!!!

Anonymous said...

The "If you didn't go there you can't be a fan" arguement is the thing I disagree most with.

You can be a fan of whoever the hell you want.

I'm a Pitt Panthers fan, and I never took a single class there. Closest I came was hanging out in Oakland and trying (unsuccessfully haha) to pick up college chicks when I was still in high school.

Plus, I'm pretty sure there are TONS of college football fans that never even went to or finished college. I'm guessing at least half.

Other than that, he's dead on. Notre Dame is really fucking overrated year in and year out because of some tradition-type stuff that happened before our parents were born.

Hey, I love tradition in sports and think that regardless of how old it is, it's something to be proud of. But no one should get handed anything based on tradition like the Irish do.

We should kick them out of the Big East for B-ball if they won't join for football by the way. Let's see their basketball team try to sign a big contract with NBC to make all that money they're making off of the Big East's b-ball contract!!

Unknown said...

Well put, usual. ND is a very polarizing program, to say the least. You're either with them or against them. Personally, I'm not a fan. But much like the Cowboys, Yankees, Red Sox, Flyers, Lakers, and Duke basketball, I guess every sport needs a team people love and hate so passionately.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of college football, I was on my way to class today and they have signs all over USF talking about their big homecoming celebration next week.

And who are they playing for homecoming you ask? Why Pitt of course.

Is it wrong that I'm going to my own college's homecoming and rooting for the other team?