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What to Watch This Weekend

Penn State at Purdue, Saturday, 12 PM- This game has "Pam Ward announcing" written all over it. And that means a virtual jackpot for Deadspin's "Hugh Johnson Project" commentors.

Penguins at Flyers, Saturday, 7 PM - I've really been longing for a Pens game. After that showing against the Devils, I think we all are. And when was the last time you felt so confident going into Philadelphia as a Pens fan? 2001?

Cardinals at Tigers, Saturday, 7:30 PM- I don't watch for the baseball. I watch for the Fox stars in the stands, McCarverisms, Justice promos and talking to Jim Leyland between innings.

Steelers at Raiders, Sunday, 4:15 PM- Raider fans dress up for Halloween every home game, so I can only imagine what will be on hand on this October 29 matchup. I'm hoping Randy Moss doesn't dress up as "Randy Moss of 2002" and Santonio Holmes doesn't continue to dress up as Ricardo Colclough.

Dallas at Carolina, Sunday, 8:15 PM - Finally, Dallas gets some national exposure.


Bic said...

The best thing about Fox is they claim to be talking to managers while the game is being played but then you see Pudge Rodriguez getting his catchers gear on and leaving the dugout. I was under the impression Fox would never lie to me...

Anonymous said...

Jeannie Zelasko is HOT

Anonymous said...

I would be more afraid of the Randy Moss of 1998 or 2003.

Adam said...

Yea, Dennis, Fox never lies to us...hahaha.

That longing feel for Pens's the only way to get by during the winter.

"Finally, Dallas gets national exposure"

Bic said...

The Pens can really pull people in if the Steelers piss around the rest of the year and don't make the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

The Penguins are already pulling people in.

Hmmm... the Penguins could be a star laden NFL contender while the Steelers languish in mediocrity.

It's the early 90s all over again!! Now all we need is for grunge and flannel shirts to get big again.

Anonymous said...

I meant NHL contender by the way.