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Reader Submission: Rampant Psychosis in the NFL

My Theories On Rampant Psychosis Prevalent in the National Football League
An in-depth reader submission by “Worst Avid”
After years of watching the NFL week in-week out, I have formed some definite opinions as to the reasons why things happen the way that they do, but one thing stands out far ahead of all the others: These guys are a bunch of “head cases”.

Worstavid loves any reference to “The Terminator”
Here’s an excellent recent example: The Cardinals take everyone’s consensus #1 team this year, the Chicago Bears, all the way to a missed field goal at the end of the game, a contest that everyone who watched it knows that they should have won. It was also a game that everyone in the country thought would show the Cardinals getting dismembered.This same team then goes out six days later and plays the team that clearly is the worst in the league and gets thumped by the Oakland Raiders. Huh?

It’s not a Cardinal, but at least it's the desert..
You can see this repeated over and over every year. Games that should be won are lost as the players offer up consistently-inconsistent performances.
Let’s look at your defending Superbowl Champeens. Yes it’s been a brutal year so far for Rooney U., but admit it, do you really want to see them playing the Raiders this week? How this team will perform is anyone’s guess, but I just have a sneaking suspicion that there could be some in the Steelers locker room (they'll never admit it) who three months ago already marked a “W” on the Coors Light schedule hanging in their locker stall for this week’s game.
For me, I’d much rather see them playing Baltimore, a team that today brings out their emotion. In fact, I'd rather see them playing the Colts than the Raiders; at least you know that they’d have their heads on straight. It’s funny writing that, because 30 years ago nothing churned up the competitive juices like a match against the hated silver and black. A game against “Oakland” would be circled and highlighted on everyone’s schedule along with two matches against “Cleveland”.
As Mondesi has pointed out repeatedly this year, there is little rhyme or reason when it comes to the NFL. So, if you ask me, “What are the Steelers going to do this week?” I think I'll answer, "They’ll win, but it might be a lot harder than we ever thought it would be." After all we are only one win better right now than the team everyone acknowledges as being the worst in the league. Worse than that, the Steelers have been beaten up physically. They have a very long injury list at this point. Psychologically? Well, let's be kind and just say that this team has more personalities than Peyton Manning has commercials on TV.

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