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Your feedback and tips are always encouraged. Here's what's on the mind of selected Mondesi readers this afternoon:
A.J. Writes: "Thought it might be worth mentioning that Me First and the Gimme Gimme's new album "Love Their Country" dropped this past Tuesday and can now be found in local record shops and probably the Pirates Club House stores. I know you're a fan... and quite frankly, any band the Pirates hate is a reason for us to sing their praises. "
El Jefe de Pistola sends us a link for a new protective cup called "The Nutty Buddy". Make sure to watch the video clip where our test subject takes a Juggs fastball to the sack.
Frustrated Pirate fan Mario writes:
"Tonight in the NLCS Game Seven - Oliver Perez is starting against Jeff Suppan for a chance to take on Sean Casey's team (which is managed by Jim Leyland, with help from Lloyd McClendon, Gene Lamont, Andy Van Slyke and Don Slaught) in the World Series?

Think back to one year ago - Lloyd was out as Pirates manager and two people who'd expressed interest in the job were Leyland and Ken Macha, who ended up facing each other in the American League Championship Series. Sure, Macha got fired (is it too late for us to get him now?) after losing to the Tigers, but think back to the time when those two men were the frontrunners for the Buccos job. If someone would have told you that in the 2006 World Series, Jim Leyland would be managing and Oliver Perez would potentially be starting game four -- how would you react?

Would there even be a small part of you that thought the Pirates were the team in the Fall Classic? Probably not. The typical Pirates fan would think "Damn, we must've passed on Leyland for Macha". Nope, we passed on him for Jim Tracy, who'd had even less success than Macha and no ties to the region (and no, I'm not counting the fact that he went to college at some small school in Ohio -- that is NOT the same as going to Pitt and keeping your offseason home in Monroeville). And the Bucs fan would think "Oh, Perez must've gotten dominant again and we traded him at the deadline for some minor league scrub in a Dave Littlefield classic". Nope, wrong again. He was a throw-in player in a trade that saw us give up Roberto Hernandez and get Xavier Nady.

What's my point here? I'm not sure that I have one, other than it sucks to be a Pirates fan."
Amen, brother. Amen.


vinnie said...

I'm really torn; I want the Mets to win, but part of me wouldn't mind seeing Ollie give up five runs in the top of the first.

Anonymous said...

Let's just wait for Francisco Cabrera's appearance in the bottom of the 9th.

(14 years ago this past SAT night, oh by the way)

Anonymous said...

JEFF SUPPAN nlcs mvp??!!! wtf!!
way to trade him away Littlefield