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Wannstache to Coach Steelers?

From our friends at, the "rumor mill" suggests Coach Stache would be interested in the Steeler job once Mr. Bill eventually exits. I totally believe this rumor, because I have never known to spread false rumors. Didn't you see Randy Moss and Jerry Porter lining up at WR for the Steelers last week?
Thanks to reader Brian for the tip


Anonymous said...

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER scare me like that again. I think my heart stopped for a second there..

Anonymous said...


I like the 'stache right where he is thankyou.

He doesn't have the ability to recruit players like a motherfucker to hide his coaching deficiencies in the NFL.

So the NCAA and the Pitt Panthers, where he can recruit all the top talent to his heart's content, is the place for Wanny.

vinnie said...

Come on for J. Peezy's sake! I would almost rather see Jimmy Johnson come out of retirement first -- ALMOST.

Anonymous said...

Wanny will be the East Coast version of Pete Carroll. Decent pro coach who really hits his stride at the collegiate level.

Of course, it bears mentioning that Pete Carroll's son was a TE at Pitt in the late 1980's.

I don't know if that makes the connection any clearer, but it has to count for something.


Donna Shalala is like a hooker losin' her looks.

Anonymous said...

Carrol's son was a early 2000s player.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, stickler.

Typo. Meant to say 1990's.

In fact, it was 1997-2001.