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Joey Porter Rated 2nd Dirtiest Player; Bath forthcoming

In a recent poll of 361 NFL players, Crazed Dog Owner/Steeler Linebacker Joey Porter was voted as the 2nd dirtiest player in the NFL, trailing only headhunting Patriots safety Rodney Harrison. Harrison ran away with the voting, nabbing 23% to Porter's 6%. Everybody's favorite smiling receiver, Hines Ward, came in sixth with 4%. Ward was the only skill-position player to appear on the list.
If you asked me, "What team would have two of the NFL's six dirtiest players", the Steelers would not have been my guess. I would think Raiders, Ravens, Hurricanes...something alone those lines. Are these tactics the real secret behind Coach Cowher's genius?

Joey Porter: Ridin' Dirty


Anonymous said...

But not as dirty as Jerry Porter's pit bulls.

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show that intimidation tactics work. Even on NFL players.

A special nod to Hines for coming in 6th. Mighty impressive for a WR, typically the hitee, rather than the hitter.

I need a "Cecil From Cecil" golf cart.

Anonymous said...

This list wasn't who is playing dirty, it's more who plays hard. Maybe some NFL players are just getting softer.

Anonymous said...

Good. Too bad we didn't have more of the black and gold on the list. What a bunch of freaking babies voting on the perceived "dirtiest players". We all know what they sa about nice guys. Maybe the Steelers have a bit of a criminal element on their sidelines.


E Buzz said...

What? Porter is what we thought he was, bullshit bullshit.

Crown his ass!

Anonymous said...

Just like J-Peezy, T-Poopie needs his own golf cart.