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A Walk-Off Walk

The Cubs gifted the Pirates a victory tonight by a final of 7-6 in 11 innings. It could have been destiny, it could have been the hundreds of dogs in attendance, it could have been the fact that the Cubs managed to screw up three double plays...but the Pirates pulled it out on of all things, a walk off walk.

Bob Walk never allowed a walk off walk

On a related topic, Greg Brown was permitted to exclaim "Raise the Jolly Roger!" as a result of the victory. I don't know about you, but I've never understood the infatuation with the phrase. Don't get me wrong, it's not as bad as "Thah Yankees win...thahhhhhhhhhhhh Yankees win!", but it just seems forced. It feels like there's some corporate guy sitting there saying, "Greg, make sure you make a point to say "Raise the Jolly Roger" after each win." Maybe it's the fact that Brown only gets to announce this about 4 out of every 10 games, but this phrase just doesn't have much meaning to me.


Anonymous said...

I like "raise the jolly roger". Plus I have my own, " The cubbies better be prepared to be boarded", you know like the Bucs are coming over the side to loot the ship.

Anonymous said...

How about in the ninth inning with bases loaded and a 3-2 count, Greg Brown says, "The Cubs are about to walk the plank!"

Anonymous said...

I also support the "raise the jolly roger" bit. As much as I hate the Cubs (I live in Chicago), I must admit that the W and L flags they fly after games is a pretty cool tradition.

Anonymous said...

We have that same tradition here in Pittsburgh... except it only happens whenever another merchant vacates the downtown Kaufmann's/Macy's or Horne's/Lazarus buildings.

Anonymous said...

I like "Raise the Jolly Roger."

Like much that is the world of Greg Brown, it's kinda corny but benign.

And they actually raise the Jolly Roger flag in center field.

vinnie said...

It just doesn't have the same ring as, "We had 'em all the way!"

Hell, it's not even as good as, "There was nooooo doubt about it!"

Anonymous said...

"Hell, it's not even as good as, 'There was nooooo doubt about it!'"

Surely you jest. I'm not 100% sure Lanny doesn't actually hit a button that plays a recording of that phrase.