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Best of the Web: The Top 20 Links of the Week

It's a busy week in Pittsburgh sports, with the Pens, Panthers, and Pirates in full swing, and the Steelers making some moves while football's still in business. That means I've got ample material to choose from for this week's edition of Best of the Web, which also covers the Hines Ward Dancing With the Stars saga, a familiar face interviewing with the Steelers, the arrival of the Pittsburgh Power season, Pittsburgh's world-class rudeness, and much, much more.

[93.7 The Fan at CBS Pittsburgh]

And if that's not enough, here's a bonus 21st link: The Top 25 Charlie Sheen quotes from his first week of explaining how awesome Charlie Sheen is. Because much like Charlie, this list is a winner.



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I'm an F-18, bro..

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