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Wannstedt Meets with the Buffalo Bills

Dave Wannstedt has no shortage of suitors in his apparent return to the NFL, and things just got a lot more interesting with the Buffalo Bills.

The Stache met Thursday with the team's defensive coaching staff, the first official meeting he's had with an NFL team since his dismissal resignation at Pitt. While the Bills have only a linebackers coach job open on that side of the ball, Wannstedt could possibly become the team's assistant head coach, and earn the salary that goes along with that title. 

From the sound of things, Buffalo is very much interested in Wannstedt, but the feelers are out there to see if the feeling is mutual. Wanny was also getting interest from San Diego, Cleveland, and Carolina, but it sounds like the Chargers will probably get crossed off the list if they go with Greg Manusky as defensive coordinator.

Either way, the ball is squarely in Wannstedt's court, and it appears that he'll have some freedom in deciding where he will be collecting his next paycheck.

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Anonymous said...

Wanny, the defensive genius!

Look for Wanny to be a postional coach only, he had success as a defensive coordinator but Jimmy Johnson was the real brains behind the defense, Wanny just made Jimmy's coffee.