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Sidney Crosby's Winter Classic-Worn Jersey Up for Auction

Commence drooling, memorabilia fans. The jersey King Crosby wore in the first period of the 2011 Winter Classic is up for auction over at, where bidding has already pushed the price north of $10,000.

The teams each wore four sets of jerseys during the 2011 NHL Winter Classic, one in the team photo and warmup, and one in each of the three periods. And it looks like the league is doing their best to squeeze every last dime out of anything remotely used in the classic, from socks to practice pucks to sticks. 

As you could probably guess, the Alex Ovechkin game jersey is second to Crosby, which is usually the case in any rankings involving the two players. Ovie's jersey currently sits at $7,000, far, far ahead of the next-highest item, a Geno Malkin gamer at a shade over $2K.

The auctions still have a week to go, closing next Thursday the 20th. And if you think the prices are high now, your eyeballs may pop out of their sockets when you see what some of these pieces realize once the virtual hammer finally falls.

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