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Monday Steeler Quick Hits: Keisel Beard Me!

Give yourself the Keisel Beard treatment. I have a question: when did Brett Keisel become so marketing-savvy? Where was this hiding all these years? []

Speaking of The Beard, Keisel was recently voted as owner of the best beard in NFL history! [ChiCitySports]

In unsurprising news, Hines Ward has no plans to retire.

Call it a gut instinct, but I just don't see his Pittsburgh career ending well.  He'll feel like he can still play when the evidence shows otherwise someday. Then he'll feel insulted by the Steelers, he'll get released, and then he'll play for some team like Baltimore. It's a recurring nightmare I have, but I've seen the Hines Movie too many times. Any perceived slight makes him want it more. [PG+]

"Peter King of Sports Illustrated writes in today’s Monday Morning Quarterback column that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told him he talked to two dozen Steelers while he was deciding how to punish Roethlisberger at the beginning of this season, and to a man, Roethlisberger’s teammates declined to say anything supportive of their quarterback" [PFT]

From TMZ: "Piven -- No One Wants 'Rapist-Berger' in Super Bowl". Because we all care about Jeremy Piven's thoughts on the Super Bowl. [TMZ]

LaMarr Woodley having fun at the expense of that horrible, horrible Pro Bowl [Twitter]

And in the realm of celebrity Steeler fans:

Black and Yellow is now the #3 song in America. Prediction: #1 within a week. [Billboard]

PG charts the rise of Wiz Khalifa. Most would describe it as "meteoric". [PG]

Snoop Dogg and his famous, drug-loving-yet-family-friendly lifestyle will be coming to Stage AE in February [PG]

Mondesi's House: The Director's Cut (more links, commentary, etc):


BurressWithButterflywings said...

I like how TMZ says Roethlisberger was accused of rape twice. I am no legal expert, is there a difference between rape and sexual assault? I always thought so.

And Piven is mad because he is a Bears fan and he's 5'2". If you've ever seen Entourage, it's hard to believe he can play a flaming douche so well without actually being a flaming douche.

And Goodell should keep what he said under his hat. That is pretty low to be releasing details of a private matter and I find it ironic it comes out during SB week. Can't wait until Ben is raising his 3rd Sunday night and Goodell has to stand by closely and sob that it isn't Manning of Brady.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Wonder if Piven remembers what the guy who has his arms around him in this picture did:

Borsk said...

That was my first reaction, Burress.

Piven is a Lakers fan. Nuff said.

Brian said...

Yeah, the guy's from Pittsburgh so everyone loves him, but "Black and Yellow" isn't anything more than self-promotional retard rap that is only tangentially related to the Steelers.

Nate said...

"I am no legal expert, is there a difference between rape and sexual assault? I always thought so."

I think so. But either way, Ben was accused of rape twice.

Also, yeah, I don't really dig Wiz Khalifa. He's got talent, but his lyrics suck. I'm happy for him and all, and I'm glad he's making a name for himself as a guy from Pittsburgh, but I can't stand hype rap. If he came out with some real lyrical content, I would probably love him.

getfreshdesigns said...

Hey Nate, Bryant was arrested.

Ben was not.

Go be a Browns fan.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

Hey DougieFreshDesigns - Nate didn't say Ben was guilty of anything... However, IT'S A FACT - Ben was accused twice (especially as far as the general public is concerned). Don't be so quick to defend when there's nothing to defend against.

I agree MH... Ward's retirement is going to end badly :-/

Does anyone watch the Pro Bowl? Ever?!?!? I'd complain about it being before the Super Bowl now, but who really gives a flying flock?

Shouldn't Goodell be promoting the NFL during Super Bowl week? Not bashing one of the marquee players in the league's marquee game? The fact that HE leaked this 'news' NOW, is just another chapter in the novel full of reasons why he's a ridiculously poor commish.

Steve said...

As much as I hate Goodell and think he's the worst thing that's happened to the NFL since Twitter, it wasn't him that leaked anything. King was sitting on this for a month now and picked this week to publish it.

Since he was holding it for this long he could of easily waited until after the SB but then no one would have really cared. King is every bit of an attention craving whore as the girl Roethlisberger supposedly took advantage of in that bar and I think if a drunken Peter King had a DTF sticker on, he'd probably be just as deserving of some quality time with Big Ben too.

Borsk said...

Goodell should have said "no comment, I don't discuss confidential meetings with players."

If you say it to a reporter, it's for publication. The journalist doesn't make the judgment call for you.