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Best of the Web: The Top 20 Links of the Week

This week’s edition of Best of the Web is heavy on Steeler talk, to the surprise of precisely no one. 
We’ve got news on Maurkice Pouncey and Aaron Smith, an update on Dick LeBeau’s future, a Terrible Towel hater, a Big Ben hater, a death in the Penguin family, good news for a Pirate prospect, the Pitt non-conference schedule, and much, much more over at The Fan website. 
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Mondesi's House: The Director's Cut (more links, commentary, etc):


Spatula said...

Gerry Calahan at the Boston Herald is just worried that, if Roethlisberger wins yet another Super Bowl, people might rank him a tad closer to the great Tom "Terrific" Brady. Calahan doesn't want to live in a world where Brady isn't deified by the entire world. Masshole.

YinzerInExile said...

I don't get how undisguised bitterness passes for journalism . . . ? It just seems like there should be more job-related rigor expected, beyond merely summarizing all the baseless bitching of a fanbase.

Also, I am so tired--SO TIRED--of people in *all* fanbases resorting to the, "well, your team may have bested my team, but YOUR CITY IS DIRTY AND STUPID . . . TOOTHLESS! *aneurysm* . . . NO CULTURE! . . . DIRTYSTUPIDS!!!" argument.

Though, in the case of people deriding Pittsburgh, I do appreciate them helping to keep the rifraff out.

Unknown said...

the ben article was like reading a "how to" book on being ingnorant.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

@ Spatula - agreed... that article is absolutely a pre-emptive attack just in case. Scared Boston? Yes, Ben's overall #s were very poor against the Jets, but his #s against Baltimore were fantastic (as are his total #s in his playoff career). This is Boston jumping on one bad game and trying to blow it up. The only #s that matter in the playoffs are W-L. Big Ben is 10-2, and Tom Brady has lost his last 3 playoff games. Period.

In response to the roster crunch is Pouncey AND A. Smith go... Does Batch really get a 'game hat' each week? That'd be my obvious cut. Randle El should be the 'emergency' QB. If Batch is in there, the day is lost anyway. ... That being said, i'd prob dress Smith over Randle El out of that group! Can't afford to lose special teamers or DBs, but how much does the 5th WR/PFC(Punt Fair Catcher) effect the outcome of a game?

@ YinzerInExile - Yeah, i love how he says our city is 'dirty' by way of talking up Baltimore. I'm no world traveler, but Baltimore is by far the dirtiest city i've ever personally visited. (also the only place i've ever seen a rat bigger than 10 lbs... coincidence?) File the Roethlisberger article and the terrible towel hating article both under 'undisguised bitterness passing for journalism'... but hey, without that genre, Ron Cook would have some severe writer's block!!!

Thanks Dr. Kemoeatu for your injury update... look out Stephania Bell!

What are we gonna do with Flozell next year? We'll have an overabundance of 'adequate' OTs. Maybe he'll hang it up if the Stillers can get the W?

5 Questions/Answers:
Can the aging stars still shine? They defend Hines Ward, despite having his worst season of the past 11. If Hines hangs them up this offseason, i wouldn't bat an eye. Limas Sweed can do his job next year. haha, that's pretty hateful, everyone could step up a # on the depth chart and Hines production wouldn't be missed is all i'm trying to say.
Can the o-line hold it's own?
Sean Kugler is doing an EXCELLENT job this season. KEEP HIM AROUND FOR A LONG TIME!!!

That's a tough out of conf schedule for Pitt football! There's two losses with Utah & Iowa fo sho.

Good to see the Quip getting some ink!

Maura said...

DON! How did you miss this beaut?

Nate said...

"Randle El should be the 'emergency' QB. If Batch is in there, the day is lost anyway."

Out of the two, I'd rather keep Batch than Randle El. Batch went 2-1 this season and put up decent passing numbers. Randle El is terrible at everything, except for that one trick play he ran this year.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

@Nate - if batch plays QB in the superbowl, I don't think there's any way we win! I'd rather dress the guy who can contribute to a winning effort.