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Best of the Web: The Top 20 Links of the Week

There's lots to cover in this week's Best of the Web link-fest over at the Fan website, including the rumors about a potential Mrs. Roethlisberger, updates on the Pitt head coaching search, a fresh ranking of NFL QBs (always one of my favorite topics), some late Winter Classic odds and ends,  an ugly situation brewing at Penn State, and even some updates on our beloved Buccos, who somehow manage to shoehorn themselves into this segment each week.

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Mondesi's House: The Director's Cut (more links, commentary, etc:


HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

How's Ben engaged? How long could these two have been going out? Either since Lastings Milledgeville (not that long to propose to someone) or longer than that (in which case, he allegedly cheated on her in GA)... either way, i'm not buying this poor attempt to drum up some news during the bye week.

Yeah, i thought the same thing after reading those Clayton ratings... he needs more than 3 categories.

I think NFL coach of the year should be a two horse race, between Tomlin for his work without 1/4 Roethlisberger,without Santonio, and with all the OL injuries throughout the season and Raheem Morris for doing so much with so little in TB.

Also love how Wang Dang Sweet Letang was the LEADING votegetter amongst defensemen as a freakin WRITE-IN! WTF NHL?

On Pirates prospects - 3 of the top 5 have not played a second of professional ball at any level yet, so hopefully those grades will improve quickly. And the pirates minor leagues are looking a shytload better already than they did 3 yrs ago! (And those minors have already produced future HR champ/HOFer Pedro Alvarez).

That 2k5 draft isn't too impressive after 'cutch. yick. the new management seems to be doing much much better than that.

Wow 3 pirates links? Love it!!! Anthony Rendon will hopefully move Pedro to 1B in a few seasons.

I can't fathom why so many people are interested in Rich Rod to coach PITT... Maybe it's because i watch the Big Tenwelve and remember him at MICH and you all watch the Big Least and remember him at WVU?

This Rob Bolden story is the weirdest... how is it POSSIBLE for JoePa to deny Bolden's transfer? I didn't think scholarships were contracts. If he leaves, he forfeits the remainder of the scholarship... case closed? Why can't Bolden cancel the scholarship by no longer accepting it? Time for 'operation shutdown' from the backup QB?

Personally, i'm sad to see Dejan move away from soley Pirates coverage, but then again, i haven't read him since his blog stopped being free. Still, he's an EXCELLENT baseball reporter and i enjoyed all of his work.

Ha! The '6 best sports calendars'... the royals one could easily be replaced by the pirates, but gotta give KC the nod for the X'd out Grienke. Nice!

okel dokel said...

The Pirates 2005 draft is just pathetic and should serve as a reminder, as if we all need one, why this team is shyte.

This makes me dislike Dave Littlefield even more. I still dislike Coonhunt but think they have done a better job of drafting - only time will tell.

nuthinhere said...

Hey, Ben's "fiancee" is from New Castle. Hmmm, I should warn him about those New Castle girls. They can be troublesome.

Unknown said...

How about a post Don!

Unknown said...

How about a post Don!

Unknown said...

How about a post Don!