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The Simpsons Version of Brett Favre's Football in the Groin

Kissing Suzy Kolber is one of my all-time favorite websites, and they hit it out of the park today with their Simpsonized remix of Brett Favre getting hit in the groin with a football yesterday. It's a five-star effort.

I've also gotta give them a plug for their most recent roasting of Big Ben, which had me laughing out loud multiple times.  It quickly made me forget about that horrible Penguins game last night, which I'd rather not discuss if at all possible.

Mondesi's House: The Director's Cut (more links, commentary, etc):


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

"Kordell Stewart: 'They made me change my name to Dennis Dixon'"


BurressWithButterflywings said...

Well, that was a hell of a toss to hit Favre with a c***shot, because it is an extremely small target.

Unknown said...

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