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Wednesday News and Notes

Today's headlines feature an historic Penguin game, four in a row for the Bucs, a Pitt TV channel, a look at the 2011 Pirates, Jerome Bettis' frustration in 2003, Jordan Staal speaks, the Steelers working out QBs, and much more.

THE PITTSBURGH PENGUINS will play the first hockey game in Consol Energy Center history on Wednesday night, facing off against the Detroit Red Wings. Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Brooks Orpik will all be in the lineup for the opener. []

BRETT STERLING, signed from Atlanta in the offseason, scored two goals in leading Team Malkin to a 2-1 win over Team Crosby yesterday. Post-game borscht for everybody! [Citizens Voice]

PIRATES 5, Cardinals 2 - and that's four in a row for the Bucs, who are doing their best to play their way out of the #1 spot in the draft. Paul Maholm yielded seven hits and two runs over seven innings for the win, while Jose Tabata had two hits and drove in two to lead the offense. [ESPN]

PITT PANTHERS TELEVISION is a new programming service that will be available through Comcast. Debuting Tuesday, the station will broadcast live football and men's basketball pre- and postgame shows, women's basketball and volleyball games, Olympic sports, and original programming, as well as rebroadcasts of football and basketball games.

It sounds like a total saturation of everything Pitt related for the Panther fan. One show is actually a weekly half-hour feature on Dave Wannstedt's facial hair. OK, I made that up. Or did I? []

LaMARR WOODLEY and Chris Johnson are having a war of words on Twitter. Um, didn't we already settle this on Sunday? [Kiss Morning Freak Show]

DEJAN KOVACEVIC takes an early look at the 2011 Pittsburgh Pirates roster, and it ain't pretty. [PG]

JORDAN STAAL is still on crutches and is expected to speak about his injury with the media for the first time on Wednesday. [Trib]

JEROME BETTIS opens up about his 2003 frustration in losing his job to future restaurateur Amos Zereoue. [SI]

QBs JARRETT BROWN and Levi Brown both worked out this week for the Steelers, who have no plans to sign any QBs. They either didn't like what they saw or they enjoy working out quarterbacks for fun. [PG]

Mondesi's House: The Director's Cut (more links, commentary, etc):


Steve said...

Typical Pirates. They'd finish 2nd in a 3-man race where only the 1st and 3rd place finishers got paid. They love to win when it can least benefit anyone. Not that there's a standout No. 1 pick to be had this time around but really, winning now is like detailing the car you just wrecked...pointless. Are we really supposed to applaud this, or make us feel better about next season?

Yeah, I don't get the whole thing with having QB's audition with no intention of signing them. What's next, cheerleader tryouts?

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

The pirates still have a 5 game lead over Seattle for the #1 pick. And they still have 5 more games against the Cards remaining (12 total games). To make up 5 games in 12 would be pretty impressive, but any level of disappointment is possible with this team. Even with expectations so low, somehow they continue to disappoint?

Aren't you supposed to have the war of words before the game? With the gent winning the war of real life on the field being deemed the victor & thus getting the 'spoils'? (it was nice of lamar to randomly include ryan mundy)

I think they worked out those clowns before saying they weren't going to sign anyone? At least i hope. Why even work out THOSE GUYS though? If they're gonna work out anyone, why wouldn't it be someone who could even dream of starting? Why not work out High School QBs while they're at it?