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James Harrison's Slam of Vince Young Cost $5,000

Steeler Nation got their own version of the famous Turkey Jones-Terry Bradshaw hit on Sunday, when James Harrison, Aaron Smith, and Brett Keisel triple-teamed Vince Young to the ground in Tennessee. 

Sure, everyone enjoyed it at the time, but today the bill came from the NFL. And as a result of the hit, Harrison will be $5,000 lighter in the wallet. Does he mind? Take it away, Ed Bouchette:

Asked Wednesday after practice if the hit was worth paying the fine, Harrison said "No!"

Steeler fans will disagree with Harrison's assessment (I think it was worth at least $10,000), but Silverback did get some good news to go with the bad: on the same day he was hit with a $5K fine, he was named AFC Defensive Player of the Week, with two sacks, two forced fumbles, one fumble recovery, one tackle for a loss, one quarterback hurry and 11 tackles. For all the amazing things he's done in his career, pulling off the Player of the Week/$5,000 fine combo in one day may rank among Harrison's most memorable feats.

And by the way, in other Steeler news while I have you here...Charlie Batch is definitely going to start this Sunday, while Dennis Dixon underwent knee surgery and could miss six weeks.

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jmarinara said...

The hit was a little rough, but good grief, it's football.

By the way, did anyone else look twice to make sure that play wasn't a highlight from the 70's? Thought so.

They (the defense) look DARN good this year.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Great, now this means the refs will scrutinize the hell out of our defense and if we breathe on Freeman wrong this Sunday it'll be 15 yards.

Steve said...

The more I watch it, he probably wouldn't have gone down like that if it was only Harrison trying to throw him to the ground and he probably would have landed on his side, or back, etc. The problem was the combination of Keisel hitting him high as Harrison was throwing him down from the waist led to Young landing on his head.

I guess they'll have to come up with a rule against gang tackling next.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

$5k? What the NFL apparently doesn't realize is: That's just how James says 'hello'!

I heard they're gonna have the QBs start wearing red-no-contact jerseys on sundays.