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The Top 10 Players in Pitt Football History

Thursday is a big day in the Pitt football universe, and to celebrate, I'm taking a look at the Top 10 Players in Pitt Football History over at The Fan. As I explained in the article, it's tough to pick 10 from a school that's produced 24 College Football Hall of Famers, but I guess that's what makes for good debate.

In addition to the list, I've updated the whereabouts of each of the Top 10, with a "Where are they now?" blurb for all of the players named. There are also classic YouTube clips scattered throughout the piece, and a link to a very colorful, recent Hugh Green interview that should stir up the Penn State fans among us. I wouldn't dare leave you guys out of a Pitt-related story.

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Mondesi's House: The Director's Cut (more links, commentary, etc):


BurressWithButterflywings said...

I can't believe no Honorable Mentions for Pete Gonzalez and Dietrich Jells!

Nice list. Certainly dead on with the Top 3.

JW said...

I'm not sure I'd put Shady on there, even though his stats may seem to justify it. I think Ricky Jackson or even Revis were better, just to name two.

Other than that, I can't believe there were NO Penn St. players on the list!! You sir are BIASED!!!

Crazylegs said...

nice list, awesome topic! shady’s last game wasn’t the brawl in 2007. it was the fright fest otherwise known as the 2009 Sun Bowl.

no doubt in my mind that Fitzy would be higher had he stayed all 4 years – possibly being in the conversation of best college player ever.

hail to Pitt!