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Troy Polamalu's Newest Head and Shoulders Commercial

Between the $1 million hair insurance policy/publicity stunt and the mini-controversy about which Tweets were actually his and which ones were promotional announcements made on his behalf, it's been a banner week of publicity for Troy Polamalu on MH. But apparently that's not enough, because I neglected to mention his newest spot for Head and Shoulders, which is unofficially a non-paying sponsor of the site with all the PR they've received the past few days.

Regardless, sit back enjoy the most popular Steeler pitchman since...Joe Greene? And don't worry, there's not much else happening in the sports world other than another Pirate loss at Chicago and the Penn State Nittany Lion mascot getting busted for underage drinking. I can't imagine anyone would want to taunt the Nittany Lion fans with that bit of info, right?

Mondesi's House: The Director's Cut (more links, commentary, etc):


jmarinara said...

I hate that they always show the Steelers in their away uniforms.

Also, these commercials are pretty funny.

Koz said...

I was thinking that some thing. His hair would probably be less visible in the black jersey.

Also, Steelers have won the last 2 Super Bowls wearing white, so there's that association too.