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Pitt Panthers Pro Combat Uniforms Unveiled

The long-awaited Pitt Panther "Pro Combat" uniforms were finally introduced today at a New York City press conference presented by Nike.

Pitt is one of 10 schools participating in the program, joining Ohio State, Alabama, Florida, Boise State, Miami, Oregon State, TCU, Virginia Tech and West Virginia. The Panthers will wear their uniforms in the annual Backyard Brawl against West Virginia on November 26 at Heinz Field.

The Panthers' design details include, according to Nike, “Notched Team Gold jersey numbers and stencil stripe on the helmet evoke steel I-beams in reference to Pittsburgh’s steel industry.”

Former Panther lineman Ruben Brown, a nine-time Pro Bowler, was on hand at the press conference for the introduction of Pitt's new threads. 
While the uniforms are not bad, count me in the boat of people who want a return of the old Pitt script uniforms, if only for one game each year. With the "throwback" phenomenon that's swept through the sports apparel industry the last decade, I still cannot believe Pitt refuses to cave to the throng of vocal supporters that design maintains to this day. 

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Unknown said...

I never really dig these uniform concoctions. I can't even say that they are cool looking. Not really digging how they mess with some classic uniforms. Basically, they had the new clothing and allowed some graphic design students to play around.

Can you imagine the storm Nike could have caused if they used the old script Pitt logo? Ha. I wish they had.

frank said...

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Unknown said...

Not bad...but I've never been a fan of the one-color look.

I'm not one of those Pitt Script fanatics. I certainly like the old look but can live without it. However, I think compromise the school should consider is maintaining the modern dark blue and gold colors, but use the classic script logo.