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Today's links include another dramatic Pirate loss, Altoona vs. Pettitte, a former Pirate finding a new team (and the Pirates signing another pitcher from the waiver wire), an update on Max Starks, Big Ben's Hampton HS experience, and much more.

The PITTSBURGH PIRATES continued their losing ways, dropping to 48-95 after a 1-0 loss in 10 innings last night against the New York Mets.

James McDonald threw eight shutout innings, lowering his ERA to 3.48 in eight starts since joining the Pirates in July, but the Pirate offense stranded 10 runners and blew a leadoff double by Andrew McCutchen in the top of the 10th. McCutchen was thrown out at third on a bad bunt by Jose Tabata, and the Bucs failed to score after that.

More bad news: Neil Walker's hitting streak ended at 18 games. His new streak will have to start tonight, as LHP Zach Duke (7-13, 5.47) takes on RHP R.A. Dickey (10-6, 2.91) at 7:10 in New York. [PG]

The Pirates' Double-A affiliate, the ALTOONA CURVE, will be taking on the Trenton Thunder in a playoff series starting tonight. And who's the pitcher facing them, you ask? Would you believe Andy Pettitte

The story about Pettitte, which immediately cites his past HGH use, a comparison of his salary to the Pirates' payroll, and a reference to Pettitte playing for the "Yankee$", was penned by Paul Ladewski, the same Paul Ladewski that authored the very controversial takedown of the Penguins a few months ago on the Nutting-owned website (a story that was quickly deleted). []

AKI IWAMURA has resurfaced in MLB, joining the don't-know-any-better Oakland A's. Iwamura and his knee brace were released on Friday by the Pirates after spending time in Pittsburgh and Triple-A Indianapolis this season. []

Pitcher CHRIS "DON'T CALL ME FRANCOIS" LEROUX was recently signed off of waivers by the Pittsburgh Pirates. The 6'6" Leroux had a 7.00 ERA in 17 appearances with the Florida Marlins this season. Sounds like he'll fit in just fine. [PG]

MAX STARKS could be out a month with the dreaded high-ankle sprain, according to ESPN. Starks said he's had the injury before and he's hopeful to return in Week Three. I think that may be a little too optimistic.

Jonathan Scott took over for Starks on Sunday and is a candidate to replace Starks while he sits out. Another candidate to replace Starks looks to be young OT Tony Hills, who has come a long way in 2010. [ESPN]

Here's much more information on BEN ROETHLISBERGER's Hampton HS workout regimen. Roethlisberger voluntarily spoke at the Hampton football team meeting known as "the huddle" on Thursday. [Trib]

And to close, a few interesting quotes:

"I'm so excited. Just to be able to circle the base paths will be great. ... They've sold 40,000 tickets, I hear. For a game with Pittsburgh!

--Disgraced baseball star PETE ROSE, on the 25th anniversary commemoration of his record-breaking hit Saturday night. [ESPN]

"Pittsburgh is 1-0 without Roethlisberger. Wouldn't it be beautiful if they went 4-0 without him? Wouldn't it be beautiful if Roethlisberger returns to a locker room he has already lost, and discovers his starting job has suffered the same fate?" columnist Gregg Doyel

Mondesi's House: The Director's Cut (more links, commentary, etc):


Unknown said...

I'm guessing Greg Doyle didn't actually watch the game Sunday.

4thelulz said...

LOL, Kevin in the comment above read my mind..

Chip said...

Doyle's not the only one. I've seen/heard like 3-4 other football "commentators" make some reference to "Steelers are 1-0! See, they don't need Ben at all!." Nobody is a bigger Dixon supporter than I but even I'm not going out on that limb.

Then again, the Jets were supposedly a lock to win the Super Bowl and did anybody see Sanchez last night? That is the guy they expect to win it all? Dixon did a better job against the Ravens making his first career start on 24 hour notice than Sanchise did.

Dixon > Sanchez

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Dixon < Any other NFL starting QB

Steve said...

Burress - I would have agreed until I saw Sanchez's mastery of the position with less than 2 minutes to play.

okel dokel said...

Sanchez was awful and the Chargers look to be in their early season form as well.

Another 10 point performance from Flacco; I know the Jets defense is good but what is the hype about this guy.

It seems like every writer, pundit and analyst believes a winning, or .500, record in Ben's absence means he will not be the starter.

BurressWithButterflywings said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BurressWithButterflywings said...

Well, the Chargers normally start off slow because they play outside of their divion early. Then, they run through the worst division in the AFC and get a playoff spot and it's Charger-Mania.

It seems like every season they are the " best 3-5 team in the league" or something similar to that.

I don't see how anybody can question Ben's position. This may be wrong, but i think he is one of TWO QB's in the league with multiple SB wins. And if people think that doesn't mean anything, good for them.

I respect certain people's opinions, but anybody who suggests a healthy Ben doesn't replace Dixon when he returns is just plain wrong unless Dixon goes 20/24 for 250 and 3 TD 0 Ints each game.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

@ Chip - i think you meant to say:
Dixon Week 12 2009 > Sanchez Week 1 2010,
because Mark Sanchez looked tuuuurrrrible against our rowdy fans on Monday night. But to say that Dennis Dixon is a better quarterback than Mark Sanchez is an ignorant argument that you won't win.

By the way, does anyone else notice the blatant racism of people at Jets games wearing green sombreros? Sure he's got a Mexican last name, but he was born 'n raised en los estados unidos.

People are talking about DD keeping his starting job over Roethlisberger? How profoundly ignorant are they? They need to be worried about DD keeping his starting job over a healthy Leftwich!!! (whenever that happens) Anyone who thinks DD will keep his job over Ben (other than Terry Bradshaw) needs to be banned from anything/everything football!!! (no wait!, including TB {at least from 'analyzing'})