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15 Thoughts on Steelers-Titans

Two weeks, two wins for the Pittsburgh Steelers. It's an understatement to say that this was one of the more unusual Steeler games you'll see in a lifetime, which always makes for some good post-game fodder.

For my game recap, please head over to the Fan website for the read:

Mondesi's House: The Director's Cut (more links, commentary, etc):


HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

You just CAN'T say enough about the defense. Although, this game was eerily reminiscent of the Zack Mills years at PSU (Sophomore yr excluded). Phenomenal DEF... Zero offense. I was a DD supporter, but now i'm hoping Leftwich is healthy for next week. TB suddenly doesn't look like the gimme game they were a few short weeks ago. Sure they ain't beat nobody, but have we looked tough?

54 yards passing?!?! is that a misprint? Yick!

Defensive MVP of week 2? Bryant McFadden. First interception by a cornerback came before week 16 this year! Huzzah! Although, were i capable and he willing, i'd wanna have Troy's baby. Wait, what?

Why was Randle El returning punts all day with A. Brown dressed? It wasn't just heels on the 10yd line punts either... it was every punt. How, in a game where the ofense puts up <150 total yds, do you not put a guy who can take one to the house back there? I was screaming at my TV before, during, & after each Titans punt (as i was before the opening kickoff... "Why is Mewelde returning kicks? ... what the hell is going ... oh!")

Was it just me? Or did Danny Sep put all of his punts into the endzone?

Stillers stepped up the run DEF without Big Snack & with Hokey getting hurt... i'm impressed! HAHAHA LOVE THE SAD TROMBONE LINK!!

@ pt 11... analysts aren't analysts because the rocket science institute is closed on weekends. I'm just sayin... ask Phil Simms.

@ pt 12... he also talked about how beloved Cowher is in Pittsburgh right now. Clearly he has his finger on the pulse of Pittsburgh sports & isn't just saying whatever he feels like to fill dead air.

I found myself rooting for the bungals over the ravens today... i guess that tells me who i'm more afraid of for some reason?

The offense was horrendously bad, but the team is 2-0. Someone get out there and massage Byron's leg!

Real McCoy said...

It would be nice to see Sepulveda drop a punt or two inside the 10. 59 yard punts sound great, but when they net 39 with the touchback it takes some of the shine off. Especially with this defense, putting the other team inside their own 10 is important.

Unknown said...

...regarding tampa bay game this week...remember last year when the steelers won every game you thought they'd lose and lost every game you thought they'd win easily...

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Tampa's at least proven that they can feed off of the mistakes of the bottom feeders and get wins... thus removing them from the "bottom feeder" category.

We just need to protect the football and play defense. If we make mistakes and get behind, it'll be a long day against anybody because we don't have the firepower (ok we have firepower, just nobody to pull the trigger so to speak) to come back from a big deficit.

Also, we did put up well over 300 yards of offense against Atlanta in week one, so it is possible for us to move the football a little bit.

With getting McFadden and Foote back, plus with the maturation of Timmons and even Ziggy Hood, the defense is VERY deep. They won't get as worn down late in games anymore.

At one point, the announcers said that the Steelers put an entirely new defensive line for a series. I believe that series was another 3-and-out for the Titans. That's depth my friends.

okel dokel said...

My favorite point of yesterday's game was when both annoucers were praising the amazing depth of the Titans d-line and they presented a graphic showing the avg yards per carry of both teams. It showed 4.9 for the Steelers and 2.1 for the Titans; however there was no such "circle jerk" about the Steelers d-line.

I thought the six man rotation up front was very effective and this was without Big Snack.

Steve said...

Okel - It's never been more fashionable to disrespect the Steelers than it is now, especially with the whole Ben situation making them the favorite team to hate. From the announcers to clueless fans to even opposing coaches, it doesn't matter how well the Steelers defense plays, it's the other team that lost more than the Steelers won.

Atlanta is supposed to be a very good offensive team and had a huge performance this week against Arizona but for some reason, when they played the Steelers last week, they couldn't get it done. Now, we have Tennessee who stomped Oakland last week and will more than likely have a good game against the Giants next week too but for some unknown reason it was their fault they looked like puke against the Steelers and it had nothing to do with the fact that they were simply overmatched and outplayed by a superior defense.

Coach Fisher thinks the Titans are better than that and maybe they are, but not against this Steelers D they're not. If you gotta tell yourself that to sleep better coach Fisher, you go ahead and keep saying it.

That said, I hope the Steelers can keep it going for another hot road game and not play down to the Bucs, who although aren't as good as either the Titans or Falcons, shouldn't be considered an easy team to beat by any means, especially since we haven't scored an offensive TD yet in 8 regular season quarters.

Pittsburgh-Slim said...

Hey Spagnolo, If you haven't seen this yet check it out! Pretty accurate stuff. Enjoy: