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In this week’s rather lengthy installment of The Hot Button, we’ll tackle Pirate ownership, Jose Bautista's unexpected 2010 power surge, the direction of Pitt's basketball recruiting, your interest in the Pittsburgh Power Arena League team, and predictions for the big Pitt-Utah game next Thursday, September 2. I got carried away on a few of these topics, so bear with me through the extra wordage.

The phrase of the day is Vote or Die, and while death seems like a harsh penalty for not participating in the polls, you'll have to direct your displeasure at our weekly hostess, Ms. Hilton.

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BurressWithButterflywings said...

1.) Should I cite recent history or opinions? How about this: Besides Extension-Gate 2010, Coonelly also said last December the team made a total of $11M the previous 2 seasons when it was really almost $30. If he told me he didn't chop down my Cherry Tree, I would expect to come home and find every tree I owned cut down to the stump.

As for trusting Nutting? ROTFLMFAO

2.) It's difficult to speculate, but I find it hard to imagine a career .250 hitter hitting 2.5x his career high in HR's at this stage in his career. Especially if that hitter is Jose Bautista.

3.) If Jamie Dixon thinks this is the best method, then I agree.

4.)$15 for General Admission? Hell yes, I will certainly be checking it out once the Pens finish up winning SC #4.

5.) I am hoping for this to be the year Pitt overcomes itself and finally goes to the next level. I think this is a 31-28 Win for the Blue and Gold.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

1.) No, they need to shut it! I like most of NH's moves, but let's not toot our own horns for finally doing what's needed to turn the ship around. What ever happened to that core they were gonna build a dynasty around? I think G Dub is there speech writer(s).

@BwBw - Trust the Nutt! Haha

2.) Juicin! See Anderson, Brady circa 1996. When someone says that a player has 'never failed a drug test', why isn't the very next sentence EVER 'his last passed drug test was xx/xx/xx'?!?! If he passed a drug test during this season, then i'd be hard pressed to continue thinking he's juicing, but i suspect that is not the case.

3.) I like what they're doing, but eventually, they're gonna have to win more than 1-2 games in the big dance. What's worse? One-n-done recruits or one-n-done in the tourney?

4.) It sounds like ticket prices are 150%-200% of comparable seats in other markets, and that's pretty unreasonable for an expansion team. Arena football is not for me. Lesser talent & weird motion rules. No thanks. Although, they did do right by naming them the Picksburgh Paaaher!

5.) As someone who's not a Pitt fan, i really hope that pitt pulls it out, or at least, it's a very close game. That being said, i'm picking the Utes to prevail out of spite for Sheard not getting suspended (prob solely because of this matchup). It would be a shame for Pitt's Title hopes to be over so soon, as PSU's will likely be crushed by sept 11th.