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In this week’s installment of The Hot Button, we’ll tackle annoying athletes, bad officiating, the Steeler QB dilemma, Roger Goodell, and the future of the Pittsburgh Pirates. We won't be talking Paris Hilton, though. She's too busy impersonating Marilyn Monroe these days to worry about voting on Pittsburgh sports issues.

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Steve said...

Jeez Paris, I've seen better looking legs on an 80-year old...chicken! Run much? The everyone's got one boob job (yawn) helps distact enough to keep her from being too sore on the eyes I guess.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

1. I don't even need to read the voice. The answer rhymes with "let starve".

2. Byron, if he struggles, then we have a backup plan in DD. DD is still light years behind Byron in defense reading.
...Haha, gotta love the Batch votes! What? No Neil O'Donnell button?

3. 2013- Pitching isn't 'on the way' until then AT THE EARLIEST.

4. No. Lost me with his handing out of suspension. I have NO problems with Big Ben's suspension. I think the circumstances dictate a suspension of that length. However, no suspension for Vick/VY/TomCable? I don't get it. And good point(s) on the DUIs. He's not even consistent amongst identical infractions!?!

5. I have to vote NFL because of holding on James Harrison going uncalled 50 plays per game and because i HATE how much QBs are pampered. In the words of Jack Lambert you "might as well put a skirt on 'em". So, i voted not so much for which officials are the most incompetent, but rather which rules i dislike the most.