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The 60 Greatest NFL Players in Western Pennsylvania History

Russ Grimm’s pending induction into the Hall of Fame this weekend has launched a wave of Western Pennsylvania football nostalgia this week, and I thought it’s high time to tackle that topic in grand fashion with a list of the 60 Greatest NFL Players to come out of Western Pennsylvania.

Being that it's a non-scientific list that takes in decades of players, there's going to be much debate about Player X being too high, Player Y being too low, or Player Z living beyond someone's definition of Western Pennsylvania.  It's not perfect, but it's the best I could do. My goal was to compile some sort of official-looking archive and ranking of these players, and if there's an omission, kindly point it out in the comments section and I'll try to adjust accordingly if necessary.

The on-air portion is TBA due to the station's training camp schedule, so check back for updates. In the meantime, a list awaits....

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Unknown said...

Fred Biletnikoff, Mark Stepnoski and Bob Sanders anyone????

Pancakehead said...

Apparently you need a lesson in Geography. On top of the huge list of accomplishments of the three Erie boys above, who doesn't think that Johnstown isn't part of Western PA? If you want your list to be "The 60 Greatest NFL Players in Allegheny and Armstrong County History", then call it that.

Once you've completed your GEO 101 course (looked at a map), you're going to want to include Brian Milne, great blocking FB in the late 90's. The numbers aren't much, but he blocked for some of Corey Dillon's best years (stop laughing!), and one for Ricky Williams. Plus he beat cancer in high school and is still one of the biggest reasons to respect Joe Paterno.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Wait, Schaub went to East West Chester high... isn't that near Philadelphia, not Pittsburgh?

Bob Sanders though... I dunno. Erie's closer to both Cleveland and Buffalo than it is to Pittsburgh.

Steve said...

Not that it matters, but Montana lived in Monongahela, not New Eagle (no S). and I don't know of anyone from the Mon-Valley who refers to Montana as being from New Eagle. Place of birth is entirely different than hometown.

Oh and I'm sure some Penn Stater will be by to argue Chuck Fusina not being on the list. Normally I'd disagree, as he was great in college and the USFL while playing little in the NFL, but if Charlie Batch and Ryan Mundy are on it just because they happened to be on a team that won the SB, then Fusina deserves to be there also. Might as well put Pete Rostosky and Greg Petarra in there too.

BURGH08 said...

I'm sorry, but this looks slapped together. Includes people that are not from Western PA, omits hall of famers that are, and has people on on a list just because they are on an NFL roster.

Also ranking someone that won a Heisman trophy behind Ryan Mundy who 'won a ring'? Yikes.

Not your best work.

Steve said...

Louis Lipps - Yes, West Chester is in Eastern Pa. (I have to drive through there today actually). He was born in Pittsburgh but I don't see how that counts if he didn't really grow up there. Randy White was born in Pittsburgh also, but he probably didn't live there long enough before his family moved to Delaware to even remember it.

This list needs tweeked to exclude any players who didn't actually spend a good portion of their early developmental years living in Western, PA.

I hear Demi Moore lived in Charleroi for 2 months as a child also. I guess that makes her a Yinzer.

Unknown said...

John Frank from Mt. Lebanon won super bowls with the 49ers in the early 80s he retired early to become a doctor. there is a clip of him blockin Lawerence Taylor through the endzone in a playoff game.

As far as Brandon Marshall, he lived here up till 9th grade, he was booted for behavior(as expected).

The list should of been top 100.

Chad said...

What about Ted Marchibroda from Franklin, PA?

mondesishouse said...

"Western PA" was too broad of an area, and I probably should not have included the guys who were born here but played high school ball elsewhere. I understand the criticism.

I'm going to do a little tweaking on this over the weekend, but please keep the suggestions coming.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

Yeah, Mundy is waaaayyy too high. Kevan Barlow at least had SOME success in the NFL. Erego, he should be 5000 spots ahead of Mundy. (sounds like someone's got a case of the Mundys).

Breaston should be higher... 1000 yd receiving year anyone? Schaub too... at least if this was a local fantasy football list!

I went to Hopewell HS when Paul & brother Stan went there... there's nothing "Butler" about where the posluzny's live.

Russ Grimm is too low :-/
Ditka is too low... who would win in a football game? God? or Ditka?... trick question, Ditka is God!!!

Mark Madden would be proud... you got Marc Bulger on the list AND a wrestlemania reference!!! Haha, well done!

Cool list though... some of these guys, i didn't realize had ties to western PA (I.E. Mike Mcmahon, Gus Frerotte, Dick Hoak, Mercury Morris, Randy White, etc...)

No mention of Legen (wait for it) ...dary geography teacher Dave Todd clearing holes for Tony Dorsett at Hopewell HS? Am i the only one who's outraged here? (looks around) oh... ahem, sorry.