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Pitt, Penn State Back-to-Back in First Coaches Poll

The first ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll of the season has been released, and wouldn't you know, Pitt and Penn State are back-to-back in the rankings.

The Nittany Lions and their iron man coach checked in at #14, which was actually fourth among Big Twelveleven teams (OSU 2, Iowa 10, Wisconsin 12), and fifth if you count future conference foe Nebraska (9).

Meanwhile, the Pitt Panthers are your #15-ranked squad, which is tops in the Big East. The conference placed one other team in the poll in West Virginia, which tied with Utah for the 24th spot. As you know well by now, the Utes will be Pitt's opening opponent in the 2010 season.

Another opponent Pitt will be facing in the very near future is Miami, and the Hurricanes came in at #13 in the nation. Pitt gets the Canes on September 23, 12 days after Miami travels to Ohio State for a clash with Big 10 Preseason Player of the Year Terrelle Pryor. 


frank said...

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Rege said...

Frank, you and Adam need to a pair of PSU seasons together and blog about it. The douchebaggery that you two would produce over season would be captivating to readers.

Adam said...

Hey Rege.

Look forward to seeing you there. I also look forward to your informed opinions one day gaining a voice. Good luck.

BURGH08 said...

I'm still looking forward to Adam having an informed opinion here.

Adam said...

This is what informed opinion looks like to you.

-Joe Pa is afraid of Pitt.

-Pitt's one 10 win season in 25+ years makes it the better program.

-Dion Lewis is winning the Heisman, Jon Baldwin is winning the Billitnikoff (don't care if it's spelled right), Tino is winning the Maxwell, and Romeus is winning the Bednerik on the way to a national championship. STAMP IT.

-Pitt basketball and it's one Elite Eight makes it one of the top 5 basketball program's in the country.

-Joe Pa pooped his pants hahahahahaha.

There, I think I covered it. Please love me.

frank said...

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BURGH08 said...


If you can find one post where I said any of those things, I'll gladly pay for another year for you at Penn State. I'm sure for a guy on a seven year plan, your parents would be interested.

At the same time, I can find posts of you reveling in the smell of manure and grilling, rushing in to see the band major, bragging about a volleyball team you probably don't watch and enjoy going to Pirate games without caring how the team does. Not to mention feels his value on this earth is determined by writing on an eighth grade level Penn State blog.

Stamp that Junior. The love is mutual.

frank said...

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Adam said...

So basically, your position can be summed up as "ignorance."

Ignorance to tradition.

Ignorance to greatness.

Ignorance to the blessing of having Major League Baseball, regardless of how bad it is.


STAMP IT. As they say on the Fan.

BURGH08 said...

If you call that 'ignorance', than the only thing separating your boy frank and yourself is less exclamation points.

Those talking points may get you a circle jerk on your blog, but laughed at outside of anyone holding a degree in agriculture.

frank said...

i bet ur degree is is fagriculture hahaha
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gamedayclassics said...

Since you are talking about the USA poll a team that is getting ripped is the Cincy Bearcats or who I call Boise State East in the national poll. They have been 33-7 the last 3 years. They have swept Pitt and WVU the last 2 years. They were 12-1 and 4th in the country last year scoring 38 points a game and was 3-1 against top 25 teams. They have a QB that played 4 games last year and passed for 1,200 yds and a new coach that won the MAC 2 years in a row. How can PSU and Pitt be ranked ahead of them with new QB's is beyond me?

Scott Zigarovich said...

They did lose both Tony Pike and Mardy Gilyard; those were probably their two best players. They actually have what appears to be a pretty good group of receivers on paper, so it will be interesting to see what Hazelton, Binns, and Woods can do. Losing Brian Kelly really hurts them as well. He is a great coach and will be difficult to replace. I'm not saying that Butch Jones, can't do it, but I think it is going to be difficult. I like Collaros a lot as a QB, but his transition into the role of full time starter will certainly be more difficult without Kelly. They are a top 25 team in my opinion, but I wouldn't rank them any higher than 20 until I actually see what they are like without Brian Kelly. They play a really strong OOC schedule so we should know pretty soon.