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Three of my last six posts on MH have been about people dying, and to be perfectly honest, it's getting depressing. Even this column's mascot is having a bad week (as bad as you could have in St. Tropez). We're all in need of a picker-upper.

So to lift everyone's spirits, I've posted five new poll questions for your review, along with my takes on all five debates. That's been known to cheer up at least one in a thousand people, give or take a thousand. Although it probably won't help Paris' hangover.

This week, topics include The Human Controversy (aka Dez Bryant), Pirate frugality, fantasy football vs. real-life football allegiances, annoying celebration trends in sports, and to cap it off, some old-fashioned predictions on the AFC North. Hopefully, it cures what ails ya.

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HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

1. Yes, it's tradition from jr high through the NFL. It just happens to make an EXCELLENT story because the 'upperclassman' in question is the one who's job Dez is gonna steal.

2. Couch burning!

3. Yes, everytime yes! Even if it's the fantasy football super bowl, which could possibly happen in an unimportant matchup for the 'lers. Real football trumps fake football each & every time. Along the 'homer' lines, i've taken Limas Sweed in the last round each year he's been in the league thinking THIS year is gonna be his year!, i'm not the limas sweed jersey in wal-mart guy. & it hurts my heart that this vote isn't unanimous.

4. Right move. Bring up a young guy who was tearing up in AAA. Get rid of a 39 yr old never was.

5. I just can't do it. Big Ben suspended 4-6 games, Willie Colon out for the season, Limas out for the season! (haha, j/k), WR depth considerably lesser, BAL added Boldin... i just don't know

Spatula said...
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Spatula said...

"Baltimore seems to be the sheik pick" What is the sheik's name who picked the Ratbirds?

Chip said...

Well, it definitely wasn't the Iron Sheik. Everybody knows he loves the Steelers:

Koz said...

It's a shame that the NFL didn't support Bryant on his decision to not participate in the rookie hazing tradition.

I don't think Dez Bryant decided not to pick up the bads based on any kind of principle. I think he was big timing the tradition. HOWEVER, hazing is on the rise in high school and collegiate athletics and with some disturbing results (see headlines over the last few years). Even though carrying pads seems insignificant, it still is symbolic of a culture that the NFL could have discouraged.

I work with college fraternities, which are obviously infamous for traditions of hazing. What seems small often turns into bigger and more disturbing things.

It's disappointing to see so many people explain away hazing and just goes to show why it continues to be a problem in our culture.

While I don't think he meant to be a role model, I think Dez Bryant's move was a good one and hopefully will encourage some younger athletes to step up to other forms of hazing.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I don't really consider carrying a veteran player's pads as hazing, let alone excessive or cruel in any way.

My opinion on Bryant, to steal a line from Superstar re: Mongovechkin, "the guy's a real douche".

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing i want more than for the Steelers to win the AFC North. I'm just being realistic. They've got quite an uphill battle ahead of them this year. But if any team is good at uphill battles, it's the 'lers. The steelers always do better when no one expects them to win.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of changes, how about finally getting rid of that atrocity Paris Hilton as the picture before the votes?

Koz said...


Whether you consider it hazing or not, it quickly became a discussion about hazing (PTI had "HAZING" in the scroll bar not "DEZ BRYANT" or "CARRYING PADS") which really leads me to my point about the NFL missing an opportunity.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

I consider "hazing" to be an act which causes physical or psychological harm to someone of a perceived 'lower' rank. Erego, this incident was not hazing. Was it a 'gateway' to hazing? haha, perhaps.

Besides, PTI's sole purpose is to ignite debate. I love Kornheiser 'n Wilbon as much as the next guy, but just because PTI deemed it so, doesn't make it so.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

oh, Ricky Butler says............